Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From Anamorphic Series

"The Anamorphic Cup is the first product to employ the centuries old visual play of the anamorphic cylinder.

The stainless steel cup has a polished mirror finish. The porcelain saucer is printed with distorted images or words. These graphics can only be viewed correctly though the curved, reflective surface of the cup. The image is indecipherable when the cup and saucer are separate.

The initial launch of the Anamorphic Series was in the form of a prototype salt and pepper shaker. It was first shown in 2000 by designer, Ross McBride, at the 100% Design show in London. The Anamorphic Cups were first shown as prototypes during Tokyo Designers Block 2003, and consequently became a retail product the following year.

The Anamorphic Cups are the first in the Anamorphic Series range of products. Future items will include a creamer and sugar dispenser, and drinking glasses."

As we've noticed before there's a Guinness version of this... Wouldn't it be fun if we could make some really cool branded glassed like this. It would make for a great piece of Ooze and would definitely be talked about!



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