Monday, March 12, 2007

Evidence, if any more were needed of brand enthusiasts talking about spirits brands using social medai.

This tequila group on Facebook has 1500 active members who adore tequila... so much so that they all get togehter on facebook to talk about it.

"One Tequila,
Two Tequila,
Three Tequila,

For those of you who just can't get enough of the lick, shot, bite routine and who regularly browse the tequila section of the liquor store... and those who just like the name Tequila caz it sounds cool... this group's for you... you crazy drunks.

Tequila, made from the fermented juice of the agave cactus, is the national drink of Mexico. It is double distilled and then aged in wood casks.
Just like a fine cognac, tequila gets better with aging. Popular brands include Jose Cuervo, Patron and Sauza."

Other tequila groups include this much smaller one demanding that top end tequilas should launch specifically in Montreal.

We should be engaged with this burgeoning form of media. This is a rich area for insights and is an invaluable tool for us and our brands from a research, executional, strategic and tactical point of view.

These groups exist in one shape or another for all our brands. Canadian Club has at least 5, Sauza has 2 or 3 and there is a very knowledgeable group of cognac fans too.



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