Friday, June 29, 2007

How well did this promotion go? Quite brilliantly if you have a look at Mingle Now.

Here are some of the many hugely positive comments leading up to the event:

"this looks like it is going to be the party of a lifetime. i work all of the time , and could i have some fun here. now is the appointed time, today is the day of my amazing good fortune. i say this prayer every day."

"I would love to party with some celebs and enjoy the party."

And here's a few of the comments afterwards:

"The show was so great and THANK YOU to all our winners for coming out and having a great time!!! the after part was amazing- JD, Biz Markie, Big Tigger, Chris name a few. love to everyone who was there, thank you for traveling out to LA for the party! Moira"

With over 300 photos in the Courvoisier gallery you can see how amazingly popular the event was.

It's great to see a medium being used well. Mingle Now is a great platform that enables the built in talkability of the event to be sticky and stay in peoples' minds.

I can't see why you'd ever want to do an event like this without supporting it through MingleNow. If you haven't already got access to Mingle Now I suggest you sign yourself up and have a look around. It's a social network tailor made for booze marketing.

From drp on Flickr:

I saw this and was amazed. It's not that I haven't seen chatter about brands on Flickr before. It's not the first time I've seen beautiful bottle shots being chatted about on Flickr before.

But it is the first time I've seen people getting genuinely excited about a brand on Flickr in such a way as to develop a cultish following. People love pictures and people love stories. It connects with something deep inside ourselves.

Here's what drp's text said:

"In May of 2005, Maker's Mark celebrated its 47th year of putting its whisky into bottles for sale. When T. William Samuels created Maker's Mark he was already bucking a downward trend in the bourbon industry. Why would any sane entrepreneur build into an industry where there was already excess capacity and the trend was going the wrong direction?

Samuels' conviction was that there was a hidden, unserved market for a different kind of bourbon than was on the market in the 1950s. He saw a market for an elegant whisky. There was, in his thinking, a customer who was not buying bourbon because the bourbons on the market in the 1950s lacked refinement. Instead of the relatively heavy, harsh, minimally aged bourbons so common in the post-Prohibition and post World War II era, Samuels sought to create a more refined, clean, smooth, delicate whisky. After all, why couldn't a native American bourbon be just as elegant as some French brandy? Samuels saw no reason why there could not be such a whisky.

So, he experimented with a variety of formulations and distilling apparati. From the Old Fitzgerald distillery in Louisville he learned how a mash bill that replaced the traditional rye with wheat could produce a whisky that was still full on the palate, but which lacked the coarseness that a heavy dose of rye would add. Although he dabbled with an old copper pot still as part of the process, he chose to go with a traditional copper column still.

And so that the public would understand that this whisky was meant to be elegant, Samuels (with the advice of his wife) settled on the distinctive Maker's Mark shaped bottled dipped in the trade-mark red wax.

Samuels seems to have been right. Not wanting to be a flash in the pan, Maker's Mark has focused on steady, sustainable growth. Without becoming trendy, it has grown every single year of its existence. Indeed, it has now grown to the point where Maker's Mark worries that it will not have sufficient bourbon to satisfy its market."

And here are some of the many comments he got:

"some friends visited the distellery once and brought us back a bottle that they had dipped in the wax themselves

Interesting. I didn't know this story. Cool shot too.

When I want to order something cool and classic, I get a Maker's Mark on the rocks. No frou-frou drinks for this girl!

sealed with wax. vibrant red wax. just elegant. as usual, a great picture.

My drink of choice, I had the "gold" the other day - amazing.

GREEAAAAT macro... that bright red color of the seal is incredible...

and your story, as ever, is very good and good teaching! THANKS!

Oh yeah... a Maker's on the rocks, please. Nice shot, Duane! Cheers.

Looks so real--but could not pry it loose from my screen.
Just last week I convinced my old man to try this (I liked the bottle, my method of shopping) and now we're hooked.
I don't even drink and yet this floats gladly on the tongue--
Just proves my old axiom: when ANYthing edible is made correctly, it's good.

This is a wonderful photo of a wonderful bourbon. (Consider adding Knob Creek to your collection as well. :)

Ahhh... my favorite. The Champagne of Bourbons...

Beautiful shot! I love how sexy the red sealing wax is.

This is so neat - a great story, but an even better photo. If I could drink, I'd want to try this just because of the way you've captured the bottle. :-)

Wow! I'm not a whiskey fan myself, but my guy loves it; single malt from the Scottish isles by preference although we tend to have a bottle of bourbon in the house as well.

I don't think he's ever tried Maker's Mark but I'm going to get him a bottle ;)"

I find it amazing how much love there is for this brand. It distills down to three things:
1. Great product.
2. Great story.
3. Great bottle.

This Flickr page is awash with insights ripe for gathering as you can track the people who are enthusiastic about it. Moreover, you can see that this post has lead not only to buzz, but also directly to sales. Stunning.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From Beverage Daily

"The party could be over for manufacturers of alcoholic shots and shooters in the UK, as an industry body this week called time on any industry practices that promote rapid drinking.

Under new initiatives announced Tuesday by industry social responsibility body the Portman Group, from 1 January 2008, any alcohol marketed within the UK will be prohibited from encouraging consumers from consuming in a single go.

The announcement comes as alcohol producers face increasing pressure to promote responsibility in how their products are consumed, by restricting how they advertise and promote their brands.

The decision is part of a number of proposals designed to curb growing levels of irresponsible drinking, particularly in teenagers, and comes on the back of moves to restrict advertising on children's replica sports shirts.

Portman Group chief executive David Poley said the latest measures were an attempt by the industry to step up protection for its consumers.

"Downing drinks is potentially damaging because it can cause people quickly to get drunk," he stated.

Though emphasizing the importance for individuals to take responsibility for how they consume drinks, Poley said that the industry did not wish to add to growing concerns over alcohol abuse.

"In the end, only drinkers can control the way they drink," he stated. "Producers want to promote responsible behaviour and not a drinking style which can be harmful."

The ban will cover how a drink is named and labelled, to sampling practices, websites, branded merchandise, and any form of promotional material.

Any pre-packaged alcohol product found to breach these new guidelines by the drinks marketing body, the Independent Complaints Panel, will be removed from sale until it complies with the ruling.

The new proposals will have some restrictions though. Complaints over how advertising promotes irresponsible drinking will remain under the jurisdiction of the Advertising Standards Authority. Individual promotions by bars and clubs will likewise be the responsibility of the British Beer and Pub Association's guidelines.

Nonetheless, the restrictions could still have a detrimental affect on the UK spirit's market, which has seen strong growth in value over the last five years, according to consumer analyst Euromonitor.

The Spirits category, which includes gins, vodkas, tequila and liquors, was in 2006 worth ₤8.5bn (€12.6bn) in the UK alone, from just ₤7.6bn (€11.2bn) in 2001, say Euromonitor figures."

Monday, June 25, 2007

From LVMH via Notcot:

"What drew me to this project was my love of Dom Pérignon. "My vision of the brand Dom Pérignon is very much about luxury. It's about the finest champagne that you can drink. It's about pleasure. It’s about enjoying yourself. It's about having fun but I think first and foremost for me, it's about having a sense of style, a sense of class and really savouring one of the great pleasures in life."

When Marc Newson decided to "reinterpret" the iconic Dom Pérignon bottle, the result was certain to be impressive: a sculptural rendition of the timeless bottle in the intense neon green the designer is best known for.

Exclusively designed to hold a Dom Pérignon Magnum, serving guests "Dom Pérignon by Marc Newson" becomes a tantalising and spectacular event.

Newson has kept the essence of the original shape of the bottle and added a silver version of the Dom Pérignon label. His signature is featured on the back in bright orange. Closed, the "Dom Pérignon by Marc Newson" measures an impressive 70 cm (27 inches).

"The design of this object belies its practicality – it is more than just a receptacle to hold a bottle of champagne. The material that it’s made of has the ability to actually insulate the ice and then to keep it cold (…). There is a very, very functional aspect to this product which could be overlooked simply because of its bold appearance."

A very limited edition, for the lucky few who will have the privilege to enjoy it, "Dom Pérignon by Marc Newson" is a true object of desire."

Friday, June 22, 2007

From Springwise:

Bacardi Bespoke is a service from Bacardi in the UK that brings bars to customers' homes or offices. The bars come complete with glasses, ice, equipment, expert cocktail mixologists, a portable bar and a DJ.

Naturally, the bartenders make everything with Bacardi, having created new versions of classic cocktails to incorporate Bacardi rum. Cocktail lists are personalised to a host's taste and a party's theme or vibe. In essence small-scale sponsored and branded events, Bespoke home parties are subsidised by Bacardi, so prices aren't as high as would be expected from a professional service (contact Bacardi Bespoke for details).

Spiked with a splash of tryvertising, Bacardi Bespoke is great example of what has defined as the insperience trend: consumers' desire to bring top-level experiences into their domestic domain. Product seeding combined with something consumers want -- no reason why this wouldn't work equally well for other brands and other industries. Be inspired, and get the party started!

Contact: "

Here's the content from the Bacardi site:

"Bacardi Bespoke is a prestige service for the House party generation. All those involved, from the Mixology team to the DJs and production designers, are leaders in their fields. And most importantly weve got you, our party hosts.

Bacardi Bespoke delivers a quality experience. Theres no embarrassing pazzaz or marketing spiel. We bring our cocktail party hospitality team - the best in the business, they handled backstage at Live8 and Glastonbury this year - to your space with all the gear they need... a bar, equipment, glasses, ice. Then there are the bespoke party soundtracks lovingly dedicated to cd by our world leading DJ's. Every element we employ throughout the service is the best, from the premium Bacardi Rums to our specially-commissioned bars and even the (arguably phallic) plastic muddlers.

The Bacardi Bespoke site here celebrates the House party, its history and its many forms. Within you'll find features anonymously contributed by some of the UK's finest style and music journalists, photography by Austin Harragin, artwork and graphics from the legendary artist known as Mode2, immaculate embroidery from Laura Lees and exclusive House party mix CDs by some of the Worlds most legendary contemporary DJs such as Cosmo, Rob Mello and Qool DJ Marv. We built it all, the way it should be, with love, passion and understanding, just like our rum cocktails themselves. Its a service you'll enjoy through your selected membership.

And your membership doesnt just count for a one-off cocktail party, we want to do more things together. We're already working on ways to evolve Bespoke. Your feedback and involvement is actively encouraged. Correspond through the useful 'contact us' button at the top of the screen to let us know your thoughts and experiences of the Bacardi Bespoke experience.

Enjoy yourselves here. And certainly at the parties.

“It was wicked to be served cocktails while hanging out with friends in a relaxed atmosphere”
Felix Buxton, Basement Jaxx"

Monday, June 18, 2007

Not the Polish version of Facebook... this is the new Facebook service that allows you to pay for quick single question multiple choice polls that take under an hour to complete and can be conducted by segment.

From Organic:

"Some of you may be aware that Facebook launched a polling service last week that allows you to run a flash poll across the Facebook network. You get to ask a single question and provide up to 5 multiple choice answers. The pricing is flexible as you pay per response. You can pay as little as .25 for a response or up to $1. The higher the price, the quicker your poll will be completed. We recently did a few polls here in New York and a $1/response poll was completed in about 25 minutes while a .25/response poll was completed in about 45 minutes.

In addition, you can segment your audience by interest, age, gender and location.

While this information isn't exactly scientific, its a great way to test the waters of an idea or get some insight from the community. A little knowledge can go a long way."

From Scaryideas

Guinness is just so well balanced... 3 pints of Guinness is the perfect amount.

You can see from the related articles that Guinness has got a lot of love.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some people are fighting back against the widgetisation of Faecbook.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!! WHAT ELSE ARE THEY GOING TO ADD TO FACEBOOK! Horoscope, Top Friends... and blah blah blah! I was satisfied with running into friends that I haven't seen in years (since elementary school) and seeing how they were doing. FB got wayyyy too much stuff going on. I feel like they are OVER DOIN IT JUS A LITTLE BIT!"

"I agree completely. It's getting way too fucking involved. Food Fights, Fortune Cookies, where the hell is the goddamned Sex Toys application? It might be the only one I'm interested in...oh well, just bitching because I'm not awake yet... :o)"

"clearly, it is trying to draw farther into myspaces my market by adding more personilization to a page, which, as far as i can see, is the only benift to myspace."

"I totally agree. Facebook should read the google story. facebook will lose all of us if they dont stop shoving these things down our throats!!"

The commment about sticking to the google model is really interesting. Afterall the simplicity of Facebook was its biggest selling point. But having said that applications are definitely not being forced down people's throats. They have added some much needed connectivity and personalisation to facebook setting it up to be the definitive catch all portal. Probably a good idea for Facebook to take heed of some of this feedback though.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Facebook is currently taking the world by storm thanks to its usability, clean interface and new widgets. It's a much more manageable and practical version of Myspace with more gravitas and cross functionality.

In the last month Facebook has opened itself out to programmers from outside Facebook creating useful applications to work on the Facebook platform. Twitter,, Hotlist etc. are proving very popular if not necessarily massively useful... yet.

From A VC

"I've got two thoughts on this whole thing.

The first is I like the way Facebook has chosen to open up. It's more like the way Firefox allows extensions and less like the way MySpace and others allow embedded code. I've got nothing against the MySpace approach. That's what I use on my blog as well and embed code has moved the web forward in amazing fashion. But an open API is possibly going to be more powerful for some apps than embed code. It will be interesting to watch how this all plays out, but I am betting Facebook's gonna get some really cool apps very quickly with this approach.

The second is that I don't yet see my social network at Facebook interacting much in these applications. Maybe I've chosen the wrong ones to install. My Facebok social net will be notified via the mini-feed that I've added these apps to my profile, but beyond that what happens?

Why can't Twitter be more tightly integrated? Why can't it power my status message so that all my friends on Facbook see when I change my status via Twitter.

Why can't my Facebook friends engage with my and MOG widgets? Why can't they favorite the songs they like and message me in Facebook about that?

I am sure that's coming. Maybe some of the other Facebook apps already do stuff like that.

There's a chance that someday, Facebook will be the preferred place to read this blog because of all the social apps that will be built around it. You can already read this blog at Facebook but few people, if any, do that currently.

Mark Zuckerberg says he wants Facebook to be the social operating system of the web. That's a grand ambition. But I like it. Because its something Google isn't and is never going to be (unless they buy Facebook). At this point, nobody is closer to that vision than Facebook and by opening the system up this past week, Mark has taken a big step forward and is moving closer to that vision for sure. Well done."

It's also interesting to read Seth Godin's comments about the way the web is evolving from "the web" to "my web". Increasingly, as the amount of web content booms, people will start to explore their own personalised web world which may or not be explored via Facebook.

"The web has billions of pages. You'll see so few of them over your lifetime that the percentage is almost unmeasurable.

Your web, on the other hand, is well-traveled and familiar to you. It's the one you travel daily.

Facebook and sites like it are changing the world because they're becoming, for millions of people, "My web." Just as it's possible to do an entire day's work using nothing but email, it's now possible to live all day with your social network on Facebook. The new launch of open widgets makes that even more likely. I just discovered ztail, (which I haven't tested) which is an automatic process to let you create and then promote your auctions via your Facebook page.

It's not for every seller--it doesn't help you reach strangers, it doesn't help you teach people about who you are or what you do. But for those that are building their web around their social network, it's an inkling of what's to come. (hat tip to Fred for his insights on Facebook)."

Here's what Facebook have got to say about it on their blog:

"Last Friday, we promised more information, so here it is. We've purposely been keeping kind of quiet about Platform on the site in order to give all the new applications and functionality—on our side and on the developers' side—time to breathe and grow virally. Now that we've seen a week of activity, it's time to give you the full story on Platform and what it means for you.

When we made changes to the site back in April, we broke up the menus to differentiate between the applications people use on Facebook and the core of the site. Applications are things like Photos, Notes, Groups and Events. They live in the left hand menu and they use different parts of the core, which tend to live in the top menu—things like Facebook profiles and News Feed. But most importantly, applications use the real connections people have to help them share information more efficiently.

For example, the Facebook Photos application is actually the #1 most trafficked photo application on the entire web because it uses people's real connections—what we call the social graph—to help people efficiently share their photos. Facebook has this graph of increasingly powerful connections that people use to communicate.

We started working on Platform a little more than a year ago. Since then we've taken Platform out of beta, written FQL(Facebook Query Language), and various other tools for developers, and now we're ready for the next step. With this evolution of Facebook Platform, we've made it so that any developer can build the same applications that we can. And by that, we mean that they can integrate their application into Facebook—into the social graph—the same way that our applications like Photos and Notes are integrated.

You'll see applications integrating into Facebook in a lot of familiar ways. Applications can have a box on the profile. They may also have an item in the profile actions menu (below your profile picture). They can also have a link in the profile drop-down menu and put stories in Mini-Feed.

That's just profile integration though. Applications can also have a presence in the left hand menu, and that link can take you to whole pages that are generated within the Facebook site. These pages are in many ways the part of Platform that really enables developers to build full applications for Facebook. Applications can have anything they want on these home pages, and they can have as many pages like them as they want. It's not just a widget; it's a full application.

Since there will be a lot of applications, you will have the choice of adding and removing any applications you like. You can add new ones and even remove ours if you like. Wherever applications are displayed in some order, we try to let you reorder them. This means that you can reorder the boxes in your profile and the applications in your left hand menu in any way you want.

Maintaining the user experience is important, so we've made it so that you have to click to activate any flash object before it can start playing. This will prevent animations or videos or music from playing when a profile loads.

It's important to remember that simply seeing an application is not the same as interacting with it or granting it the ability to see your information. You will have to opt-in to any application in order for it to access your information or be put on your profile. Also, please note that we never sell your information or expose your contact information. You can manage your applications—ones you've added to your account, used on other sites or on your desktop—and use granular privacy controls for other applications in the "Applications" section of the Privacy page. If you see an application that you think is offensive or worrisome, you can report it, block it from ever interacting with your profile or information, or do both.

You can get a taste of how this all works by adding our Video application to your profile, or looking for an "add" link when you discover a new application on your friends' profile or within your News Feed.

Katie is Facebook's Director of Product."

Courvoisier cognac, is working on a new and very exciting campaign called: “Courvoisier The Future 500”: an initiative to fast-track the careers of 500 emerging, ambitious and passionate individuals in the UK. The campaign is being run in partnership with The Observer newspaper. Check out the website which explains the campaign in detail

In a Nutshell:
There are 10 categories (sports and entertainment, science and innovation, media, Food, Drink,
Business, public life, Travel and leisure, Fashion and retail, art and design)
Judges will select the top 50 people per category – 1 winner in each who will be part of the top 10

The judges were carefully selected and make up a selection of supremely qualified individuals within their field, these include:
Ruby and Millie who are responsible for one of the most successful UK cosmetics brand to launch in the last 30 years, Matt Harmer the Founder and Managing Director of the rapidly expanding Ignite Group Ltd, Ian Pengelley opened ‘Gilgamesh' offering a unique Eastern gastronomic and entertainment experience that won Tatler’s ‘Most Original’ restaurant award for 2007.
The top 500 applicants will form an online network of contacts nurturing further success
The List will be published in The Observer and the online network created simultaneously in November 2007

10 winners also receive:
Prestige and personal PR from The Observer and other media partners
Personal mentoring from one of the judges
A trip to the COURVOISIER Chateau in Jarnac and other prizes

Applications for this are currently being accepted – if you feel that this is something that you could be part of – log onto the website or click
here and fill in the application form.
Each applicant will be judged on entrepreneurial zeal, ambition and determination, hunger to succeed and the ability to achieve by doing things differently.

Good luck.

Friday, June 08, 2007

We've blogged about pop up bars and pop up shops before on the Beam Team Blog, but this is the first time we've found a branded pop up nightclub.

From Springwise:

"Pop-up retail may be a bit passé, but pop-up-everything-else is still going strong. Earlier this week, we featured an update on pop-up hotels. Next up? A pop-up nightclub in Australia.

The SoCo Cargo Experiment, created for Southern Comfort, consists of four shipping containers that can be stacked side by side or on top of each other, like giant building blocks. SoCo Cargo can be assembled within a day, with an entirely adaptable interior. The venue usually contains a bar, stage and lounge area, but the main focus varies per location. One time it will be a nightclub, next time a live music venue or art gallery, popping up by the side of the road, near a festival, carnival or other outdoor event. The temporary club premiered on Sydney's Cockatoo Island in October. During Melbourne's St Kilda festival in February, SoCo Cargo hosted a number of up-and-coming live acts. Then it was on to Adelaide's Garden of Earthly Delights (another festival), where the containers held a slick dance lounge featuring hot DJs and late night grooves.

For an old liquor brand trying to reach a new group of consumers, specifically young adults, the pop-up approach seems to be working. Surprise creates buzz, and buzz is good, cost-efficient marketing ;-) For more examples of how to delight consumers by taking them by surprise, check out this section of's transumer briefing."

For more on this project click here and here. It's only been around for a few weeks and the blogosphere has gone wild about it. Just pop it in google to see.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jury is out on this one...

From Absolutads:

"I spent last few weeks in hospital so I was not able to update But there was nothing special anyway. Until yesterday. Absolut Vodka announced new campaign called “In an Absolut World”. Read more in their press release:

ABSOLUT VODKA announced its next groundbreaking global advertising campaign titled “In an ABSOLUT World.” The new advertising challenges the status quo by presenting a bold and optimistic world view. The global launch is supported by a fully-integrated marketing campaign, including print, broadcast, out-of-home, public relations, on-premise promotions and viral activity. Created by TBWA/Chiat/Day/New York, the campaign will break in the U.S during the week of May 15 with a broadcast spot and print executions in June weeklies.

The global campaign will also roll out in 12 international markets this year, beginning with a broadcast execution titled “Disco Moon” in Germany on April 27. Additionally, the campaign will be complemented with executions tailored to their niche market consumers along with an interactive experience at

“In an ABSOLUT World” is a powerful campaign that provides a rich framework for the ABSOLUT brand that builds on the foundation established by ‘The Absolutes’ campaign last year. Our consumers are intelligent, and we hope they have a gut reaction that sparks conversations and challenges them to think about their vision of an “ABSOLUT World,” says Tim Murphy, Senior Brand Director, The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc.

The first U.S. broadcast spot, titled “Protest” depicts an epic scene that opens with a tense standoff between protesters and police. As the clash ensues, the viewers witness a massive, friendly pillow fight — demonstrating an alternate way to resolve conflicts. Filmed in Uruguay by Director Frederik Bond and Director of Photography Guillermo Navarro — an Academy(R) Award winning Cinematographer — this production was the largest in the country’s history.

The first U.S. print advertisement to launch is a photo of Times Square with iconic works of art installed in lieu of advertising. Other print executions include a factory emitting harmless bubbles instead of smoke, a pregnant man with his wife at a cocktail party and a bar scene where people wear buttons labeling their dating status and mindset.

“The new campaign visually answers the question: what if everything in the world was a little bit more Absolut? It’s not necessarily about perfection, but about making the world better by seeing it with fresh eyes. As the story unfolds you can expect commentary on topics and ideas big and small, serious and humorous, timeless and of the moment,” said Rob Smiley, Creative Director at TBWA/Chiat/Day/New York.

The new campaign also includes an industry-leading social responsibility broadcast spot. Titled “Taxi,” the spot illustrates a young couple exiting a club. As they press the key fob, instead of unlocking their car it signals a taxi, suggesting that in an “ABSOLUT World” people would always call a cab or use a designated driver after they drink. “The campaign speaks to consumers on multiple levels. The topics range in scale and tone but use the same clever voice ABSOLUT has used for more than 25 years,” adds Murphy.

“In an ABSOLUT World” will also be supported by viral elements that will bring the idea to life for consumers. On May 14, ABSOLUT will begin a week of guerrilla activities in New York that will make the city a better place for one week. Consumer activities include rickshaw rides in Soho and the Meatpacking District, music downloads in Union Square, Metro Card giveaways and VIP treatment at select downtown restaurants and clubs, all compliments of ABSOLUT.

The campaign will continue this summer with customized out-of-home executions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas and Chicago that speak directly to these geographic communities."

This looks incredibly alluring. I want one! Design job done!

From Absolutads:

"Singapore Changi Airport and DFS Singapore will be the location for the debut of the new Absolut 100 premium vodka this month before the brand is offered elsewhere.

“The world premiere will be held at Changi airport in Singapore in March,” says Anders Olsson. “We will then roll out the launch of ABSOLUT 100 worldwide throughout 2007, executed by MAXXIUM Global Travel Retail, who handles the V&S brands in [the] global duty free and travel retail market. We are convinced that the market will be as excited about this new product and concept as we are at ABSOLUT.”

ABSOLUT 100 is the first ever ABSOLUT product to be initially developed and launched exclusively for the global duty free and travel retail market.

The company says: “We have created the unique qualities of ABSOLUT 100 by adjusting our production processes in order to achieve a smoother high proof vodka. ABSOLUT 100 is rich and full bodied. The taste is distinct, yet smooth and mellow, with a grainy character and notes of dried fruit. The stylishly rustic, masculine qualities of ABSOLUT 100 are emphasized in the tough, no-nonsense design concept and imaging, based on a bold minimalistic colour palette of opaque black, chrome silver and subdued grey.”

The launch of ABSOLUT 100 will be supported by a tailored marketing campaign in the duty free and travel retail market. ABSOLUT 100 will then be sold exclusively in travel retail/duty free outlets worldwide. During the introductory phase of the launch, ABSOLUT 100 will only be available in 100cl bottles."

For the unfortunate souls who have never experienced BAR, I sincerely advise you to mark it in your diaries for June 08! This year’s unrivalled professional trade show had more exhibitors than ever before, offering the widest range of products and services to the contemporary sector, and it was my personal mission to check it out!

By far the most important thing to mention is that not only were Beam sponsoring ‘Bar Talks’, seminars designed to focus on the burning issues facing the industry this year, but the global brand secured its biggest presence at BAR to date. Hosting 3 aesthetically appealing bars offering Courvoisier, Maker's Mark and Sauza cocktails, exquisitely mixed by 'Movers & Shakers', the Beam bars were constantly busy and buzzing with excitement. Result!

A deliciously refreshing Sauza cocktail still lingering on my taste buds, I was off to explore the delights of free samples, flaring entertainment and healthy brand competition. I am definitely one for presentation and impact and there were a few brands who excelled in this area, notably Effen Vodka, Innocent and Peroni, enforcing their strong brand identities in creative and impressive ways.

Following on from the recent trend in organic food comes organic vodka. I kid you not and it is a taste sensation. Brought to us by Newtons Organics Limited and launching in the UK and Ireland this summer 07, Jucifer is a truly fruity and delicious organic vodka crush made simply from freshly squeezed fruit and a splash of high-quality vodka, great for the fast approaching summer evenings!

Other brands to mention would be Bulldog Gin with its distinctive packaging and unconventional ingredients (natural poppy, dragons eye and lotus leaves!), Beefeater, who chose not to go with a traditional stand inside the arena but instead entertained the growing crowd at the entrance with their head bopping beats played from the top of a big red double decker bus, and Antica Sambuca whose colourful, vibrant display enticed thirsty and curious consumers.

A test tube taster of Jagermeister and a large shot of Parliament Vodka (vodka purified with milk) later and my BAR mission had come to an end. Fun and merriment was had by all and I would certainly recommend attending what I’m sure will be an even bigger and better BAR show 2008. If that’s possible!!

Take a look at the link below and see what you think for yourself.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trusted Places: This is awesome. Just what I've been looking for. A foodie review social network. A bit like This Next meets NotCot meets London Eating meets Tastespotting. I love it. Get yourself signed up and you can earn reward points.

This is in French so it's a bit beyond me... but I like the creative and thought it was worth posting. Made me think of "The Borrowers"!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Via Slashfood:

"Here's a clever idea: online wine videos! It's The Winery Channel, and they have everything from instructional videos that teach you what foods go with what wine to visits to various vineyards and vacation spots.

The site has a sense of humor too. Make sure you watch Rex Havoc (and his horse "Brokeback"), who shows you the best wine bottles to use for shooting practice, and Dave in Los Angeles, who rants about his neighbor Walter, a wine snob. The stuff he says...well, you know people like Walter (and not just when it comes to wine). You'll be quoting a couple of Dave's lines to your friends later this week.

There are many "shows" to watch, including "Hot Legs," "The Wine Bar Show," and "Got Wine?" (the videos can be kinda glitchy - took me a few clicks to get each video working, but it's worth it)."


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