Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Absolut have been busy by the looks of things. According to Lovely Package (the essentail packaging blog), they have launched...

Absolut Naked

Via Lovely Package

And Absolut Rock

Via Lovely Package

Absolut Rock seems gimmicky. Much in the way that the Disco ball did. But Absolut Naked is beautiful. I know which one I'd prefer to have. It's a triumph for the original designers of the bottle. Much like the Coca-Cola bottle.

From Vodka and Co

"Absolut has just announced the next perfume: Flavor of the Tropics. This new declension will be available in edition limited in Europe and in the United States (duty-free exclusively) in January, 2010, then on all the markets from February. Absolut Flavor of the Tropics was revealed during TFWA WORLD EXHIBITION which is held in Canes until October 23rd. Its tropical perfume gives a multitude of notes, orange, mango, litchi and melon, by way of the pineapple or else the bays. As in the habit for the new perfumes, Absolut will accompany Flavor of the Tropics by a big sales campaign."

This is an interesting evolution away from Aboslut New Orleans and Absolut LA. Will be fun to see how this pans out.

Anders Olsson, global travel retail director for The Absolut Company said on FoodBizDaily,

"We are extremely excited about this unique launch. It’s the first time that we have the privilege of introducing a brand new, innovative flavour exclusively to our travelling consumers, who are always on the lookout for something new and thrilling - something that can’t be found back home. For a leading edge, creative brand such as Absolut, it’s crucial that we always have something to offer to meet and surpass these challenging demands - something new and fresh and unexpected."

(Via Liqurious)

From one of my favourite blogs, Not Cot

"Remember those 1800 Tequila Essential Artist bottles? (I also showed you the close ups of the real things - even more stunning than in pics!) Well, at the time of the first collection launching, there was also a contest where you could submit your designs to be a part of the second collection… well the winners have been announced! And the bottles are just starting to make their way out into the real world! They are AWESOME (not that i would expect any less from 1800 Tequila after their great pick of designs the first time around)… 12 Limited Edition Bottle Designs Including one from Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One… so if you’re ready, take a peek at the winners and a little background info on them on the next page… Also, beautiful video embedded on the next page animating and showing off all of the new designs, which is a definite must see! Can’t wait to see these in person!

HUGE congrats to all of the winners ~ and to creative agency, Dead As We Know It for another stunning job."

Check out the full article on Not Cot for the details on these awesome bottles. This is a great example of how to make a bottle come alive and by co-creating with super talented people.

Erm. Christopher. What are you doing? Interesting "innovation". Bizarre execution. And so strange to actually feature a Patron bottle.

It looks like El Jimador is in for a packaging revamp in the US. for more info have a read of what Luxist have got to say about it:

"Starting in October, the Añejo expression of Tequila el Jimador, the #1 selling tequila in Mexico, will be available here in a new package that aligns its look with its Blanco and Reposado offerings. The new Añejo package will initially be available in California and Texas, and will roll out to the remainder of the U.S. by year's end. The new look features the same classic tall, angular bottle as the other expressions (above) and identical iconography of the Jimador on the label to pay tribute to the proud men that harvest the agave plants used to make the 12-month aged 100% agave tequila. Tequila el Jimador is produced by Casa Herradura, which was named "2007 Best Distiller of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast magazine. Since 2000, Tequila el Jimador has received numerous accolades from industry insiders, including the Adams Beverage Media Growth Brand Award in the Fast Track Category for 2005 and 2006."

From the ever awesome Luxist:

"BULLDOG is quadruple distilled, triple filtered, and infused with the taste and aromas of its twelve distinctive botanicals, including poppy, lavender, and dragon eye - a cousin of the lychee fruit often heralded as an ancient Chinese aphrodisiac.

Made from traditional copper pot stills and a painstaking distillation process, BULLDOG exudes a smooth and harmonious texture with a distinctive flavor, with notes of fruit and citrus lending a refreshingly crisp character and balanced finish.

BULLDOG has enlisted renowned mixologists Somer Perez, John Freeman, and Michael Waterhouse to create some signature cocktails using the bold spirit:

"Plumdog Millionaire" – created by John Freeman

2 oz. BULLDOG Gin
1 oz. Japanese Plum Wine
1 oz. Lavender Soda
Black Plum Half Wheel Garnish
Lavender Sugar Rim

Directions: Stir over ice, strain. Serve in a martini glass with lavender sugared rim and garnish."

I love the name of the Plumdog Millionaire cocktail. Inspired. For more recipes and chat about Bulldog Gin click here.


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