Monday, September 28, 2009

Snazzy vinyl stickers from Hu2 Design. The cocktail graphic will set you back £55.

Connosr is a social network for whisky lovers. It uses Google Maps to identify the origin of each whisky, plus whisky-related event listings and discussion boards. There are also affiliate links to partner sites where you can purchase whiskies. There is an iPhone version of the site.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maker's Mark have organised a series of distinctive sampling events which used young and upcoming artists to create one-off and exclusive art out of 50kg of Maker’s Mark red wax. Four bars across London and Brighton created the perfect setting for the Maker’s Mark experience, not only did you get to enjoy the pleasure of a Maker’s and Ginger served by a fantastic (and ├╝ber cool!) promotional team, all clued up on what makes Maker’s Mark so special, you also got the opportunity to see inspired pieces of art unfold with every sip.

Cargo was the location for the first artist event and saw Oscar and Ewan, a Swedish and Scottish duo now based in London, create a wax painting of the Master of Maker’s himself – Bill Samuels Junior. However it wasn’t simply a spectator event and in true Maker’s Mark style you were given the opportunity to create your own, shall we say ‘individual’ (!) art. All it took was a table, a block of wax and some Perspex and I was totally gob smacked on the number of people that actually participated out of their own free will. Not that I doubted the activity, but more surprised by the overwhelming enthusiasm and response.

The atmosphere and feedback received was brilliant. This first event definitely set the standard for the remaining 3 artist events. I will do a summary post of all events in the upcoming week or so.

Overall, a great start, very enjoyable and we got some people to “Wax Lyrical” for sure!


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