Thursday, August 30, 2007

From Absolut via NotCot.

Absolut have just launched their artist designed bottles for Brazil, much to the excitement of the blogosphere. Have a look at their designs below and then visit their site.

It goes to show that if you do something cool in one market, it can generate talkability globally, just like Sony Bravia's rabbits, bouncy balls and paint tins, or Stella's trap.

From YankoDesign via Notcot:

What a great idea. These are corks that have a little LED in them so the bottle is illuminated in a cool way...

Friday, August 10, 2007

From the Serf via NotCot

£5000 in £10 and £20 notes were individually dropped around the streets of London with a removable sticker that read, 'Carlsberg don’t do litter. But if they did it would probably be the best litter in the world’.

Here's some of the "talkability" in action:

"£5,000 was dropped, but they had £50,000 in cash to begin with. Best temp job I ever had. Writing this from Barbados."

Mike Says: Carlsburg dont do interns, but if they did it would probably be the best temp job in the world."


Very funny

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Via Adverlab:

"If you want your share of consumer-generated content (buzz! buzz!), then you have to give people the right tools and the right incentives (and talk to the guys at MIT C3). Nikon sent out a bunch of new D80 cameras around and asked people to take pictures. Then Nikon collected the pictures and put together an ad that appears this week in Business Week. Besides, check out the "stunning gallery" photoset on Flickr."

90,000 photos can't be wrong!

If you're going down this route, don't get into the bother that Virgin have got themselves into in Australia.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I found this on Uncrate via Liquor Snob:

"Enjoy the finer whiskies of life as you pour out your evening drink from this Ralph Lauren Leather-and-Crystal Decanter ($395). This swank decanter, with its hand blown lead crystal and saddle leather trim, is finished with silver-plated hardware with stamped RL logos. It also sports an oversized stopper and wide rectangular barrel for your convenience." (Uncrate)

"We're not exactly sure how much decanting affects the taste of a fine whisk(e)y, but we're guessing there's a reason people do it. Of course, if we had a decanter as cool-looking as this Ralph Lauren leather and crystal jobby we found at Uncrate, we'd probably be decanting all over the place even if it didn't have any noticeable benefits at all. It's a bit on the spendy side, coming in at just under $400, but just think - you buy this once and you can pass off the cheapest whiskeys in the world in it, because people will see it coming out of a fancy decanter and just assume that's how it should taste." (Liquor Snob)

Always a fan of designer collaborations.

I found this on Liquor Snob and thought it was worth sharing...

"We just got a press release about an Urban Lifestyle Specialist contest from Smirnoff, and to be honest, before reading it we wouldn't have been able to tell you what an Urban Lifestyle Specialist is. We probably would've said they're the folks who teach 50 Cent to shoot people, or consult with Puffy/Puff Daddy/P Diddy on his monthly name change.

Now that we've read the release, apparently the ULS contest has something to do with sending 10 people all over the world for a year to "retrace the worldwide journey of the Smirnoff brand." It's got all kinds of buzzwords about how those ULSs will use blog and video and photograph and fingerpaint about their journey. We have to admit, it got us excited about the contest and what being a ULS might be.
We're fully ready to sign up and we really think we're perfect for the Smirnoff Ten; find out more in the press release below or head to to throw your hat in the ring.

Smirnoff, the world's number-one selling premium spirit*, announced today a global search for 10 consumers to travel the world in pursuit of original nightlife experiences. One lucky person from the U.S. will have the opportunity to join nine others from around the globe – dubbed The Smirnoff Ten – to travel together for one year as they re-trace the worldwide journey of the Smirnoff brand. This adventure will be documented through short films, blogs, photos and other media.

As part of the journey, the crew of globetrotters will travel to Smirnoff Experience events in Moscow, Shanghai, Paris and New York - the four landmark cities in the brand’s history. Each Smirnoff Experience event recreates and celebrates the legacy and heritage Vladimir Smirnoff experienced in that city. In addition, The Smirnoff Ten will visit the world’s most exciting events, festivals, bars and clubs across six continents (Asia, Europe, South Africa, Australia, North and South America). Smirnoff is seeking writers, photographers, reporters, cameramen/women and editors with unique style and finesse to comprise The Smirnoff Ten. Smirnoff will also be looking for those who are tastemakers of nightlife in their area, such as mixologists, DJs, promoters, and those who live the urban culture and can work the scene anywhere in the world.

The Smirnoff Ten will focus on the unique people and the exciting places that are shaping nightlife experiences. Each team member will report their findings back to Smirnoff through short films, blogs, photoblogs and/or articles. The submitted content will be featured on as well as on websites, TV, radio, and print. As part of this effort, Smirnoff has agreed to a deal with YouTube, which will feature The Smirnoff Ten on a branded channel throughout the year."

To visit the Smirnoff Experience YouTube site click here...

This is certainly worth keeping an eye on... the video has already had over a million views... This is a great platform for running a global experiential competition.

Dutch vodka brand Bong Vodka is doing something really cool... they've embarked on a fascinating collaboration with artists to design their bottles, t-shirts, packaging, music and website.

From Liquor Snob:

"This just in - we found out recently that the word "buzz" has other meanings than that pleasant feeling you get after you take your fourth or fifth drink. Apparently it can also relate to the "buzz" on the street, or what people are saying about something. We learn something every day...too bad it has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of this post.

Anyway, we just heard Bong Vodka, the Dutch booze we yelled at you about last September, is continuing its dedication to elevating art AND buzzes (the good kind) with a program called Spirit of the Brand. It gives artists a chance to get their names and work out there to be seen, and it gives you an opportunity to have your bong-shaped vodka decorated with some damn-cool art. Plus, they're looking for more artists, so if you have some art you think would look great on a bong...err, bottle...or other Bong Vodka paraphernalia this is your chance.
If you're impatient you can check out for more info, or you can chill out and read on for more details about the program below.

Spirit of the Brand is an exciting new program from Bong Spirit brand VODKA that offers huge exposure for talented artists around the world. In a unique way and with fresh and seamless integration with the brand’s existing products, artists are given the opportunity to design product artwork that will be integrated into the Bong Spirit brand and distributed throughout the country.

The four premiere bottle artists for the Spirit of the Brand program are OGI (, YOSOH (, Jason Thielke ( and Matthew Curry ( The first edition of these limited series collector’s bottles will arrive at stores and nightclubs before the end of August 2006, and will be introduced throughout Florida, Texas, New York, Las Vegas and California.
Bong Spirit gives back a portion of every sale to the artistic community by producing arts exposure opportunities such as concerts, exhibitions, and other live events."

In light of the Teacher's Shed competition we are running, I stumbled across this article on the brilliant MAKE website and thought it was worth throwing into the mix. This is such a winning promotion. Surprising, different, quirky and above all interesting!

It's the kind of activity that creates real brand enthusiasts.

From Liquor Snob:

"Here's a nifty little item that should have you and your family buzzed nice and toasty this holiday season. It's a rack for one bottle of liquor that also contains six multicolored shot glasses. That's enough to bring holiday cheer to you, Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, and Grandma (or however your family, nuclear or non, shakes out) in good measure."

I suggest everyone who works on our US business has a look at Thrillist's site and signs themselves up for the Thrillist newsletter.

Here's their spiel:

"If you're lazy, just read the bold print.

We're a free, daily email

Each weekday, we'll send you one email filled with targeted, relevant information about stuff you actually care about. Becoming a subscriber won't cost you anything. Not now, not ever.

We only cover what we like

We don't write reviews. That would require us to tell you about things that suck, which, while potentially funny, would be a huge waste of your time. Instead, we send out recommendations -- so we'll only write up things that don't suck.

We won't overload you with too much info

That's why we send out just one editorial article per day. It might be about a restaurant that serves poisonous (yet edible) fish, a rock bar that lists a "Double Shot of Jack" on its cocktail menu, or even a pocketknife that doubles as a money-clip -- an ideal accessory to carry into bars that list double shots of Jack on their cocktail menu.

We have three editions with a fourth on the way: New York, Nation, and LA

New York offers vital, city-specific info about NYC. LA does the same for Los Angeles. Soon we'll move on to San Francisco, then other cities, whether they like it or not. The Nation edition covers everything else."

So sign up and stay informed.

Brilliant bit of kit from Kitchen Contraptions.

From Liquor Snob:

"Yesterday we waxed a bit poetic about the Screwpull lever corkscrew, and today we're taking a look at a bar tool set by the same folks. We dug the look of the thing right out of the box, all modern and sleek looking. There are a bunch of great tools in there, all high quality stainless steel - a bar knife, strainer, double-ended bar spoon (slotted and solid), a lemon zester, and ice tongs. The fact that they're steel is important, because the coolest thing about the bar set is that it's magnetic.
After you use a tool all you have to do to put it away is get it somewhere near the base and let go - it'll swing on in and stick. This is pretty crucial after you've used the tools to craft a couple rounds of drinks - you probably won't be too concerned with where your bar tools end up, but at least through the power of magnetism you'll have a chance to get them where they need to be. We thought the magnets were plenty strong, and while we couldn't get the spoon and tongs to magnetize to the side we were able to drop the spoon in the center of the console and hang the tongs off the side.

All in all we're happy with our bar tool set and we're looking forward to mixing up a whole lot of drinks with it. The tools are comfortable in our hands, and we're also secretly hoping the magnetic waves will also exude into our drinks and give us some kind of superpowers."

You can buy this kit here.

For Liquor Snob's articles on Bar Accessories click here. And for drinking gear click here.

Liquor Snob is full of amazing stuff and well worth dipping into. You'll struggle to find a more wide ranging and interesting booze site.

From Liquor Snob:

"Attention all fellow geeks...why the hell were we not informed?

Enjoy a slice of inter-galactic opulence with the Star Wars Pewter Bar Set. You get all four pieces: Darth Vader (corkscrew), Yoda (wine stopper), C-3PO (foil cutter), and R2-D2 (bottle opener). This bar set is solid pewter, and sturdy enough to withstand even a Wookie wedding celebration."

Tapping into Star Wars enthusiasm is a great way to drive your brands geek credentials!

Here is a decent summary of what different booze brands are doing for their value added packs. Most are your typical glassware and cocktail shaker sets. But some are a bit more imaginative like Crown Royal's car set.

Gorgeous and functional double glazed glassware to keep your drink at the optimum temperature.

From Amazon via Liquor Snob.

"After seeing Admiral Adama on Battlestar Galactica have a nice toast of single malt scotch with his son Apollo using these glasses as "scotch props" on a recent TV episode of the series - we knew that these were the scotch glasses to buy. These double-walled drinking glasses made of insulated, heat-resistant Borosilicate glass keep cold drinks cold and hot ones hot. The medical-grade glass was made for lab use, and is actually lighter and thinner than traditional glass, and that's what makes them unique."

From Harvey's Easy Living on Amazon via Liquor Snob:

"Booze briefcase offers portability and flexibility to all your drinking missions.

Y'know how cool it is in the movies, when they show an assassin put together a sniper rifle from random knick-knacks pulled out of an innocent-looking briefcase? We think it would be scads cooler if instead of nightvision scopes and bullets, he whipped out shot glasses and liquor bottles.

Now you can be that impressive liquor assassin with the Trav-L-Bar Briefcase Bar. Here are the vital statistics:

* Made of vinyl that looks like two-toned burgundy and black leather
* Holds 3 bottles (not included)
* Combination lock and gift box
* Includes 4 metal cups, serving tray, 3/4 X 1 1/2 oz. jigger and wood-handled opener
* Liquor bottles not included (duh)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick up your own briefcase bar for under $50, and drink with extreme prejudice. Or, if this one doesn't fit your professional style, check for other bar accessories from Harvey's Easy Living at Amazon."

LG have launched a breathalyser cell phone in Korea. What a great idea.

From Liquor Snob:

"Apparently cell phone maker LG has introduced a breathalyzer cell phone in Korea, which is flying off the shelves, and it sounds like a pretty sweet packags. Beyond the breathalyzer function, these cell phones include "an advanced remote control for your TV, DVD and karaoke machine, etc." Lucky Koreans.

Not that we have a lot of electronics we need a remote for...or ever sing karaoke...but we can barely get our cell phones to stay connected through an entire call, much less do anything extra.

We're not sure how sensitive or accurate the sensor in a cell phone might be...or what a sports car phone is... but think of the other possibilities. Making sure you're OK to drive isn't the only application...locking your cell phone so you can't drunk dial is another. Actually, that's the most important thing we can think of. We'd really like you to stop drunk dialing us late at night. We need our beauty sleep."

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Graffiti isn't all about vandalism and sub-human scum defacing our cities...

From Bednarz

"The final version now has a laser trip so when someone stands in the human outline in the middle the wings grow, animate, then they fade when the person walks away. (the exhibition space was too dark for the video to come out clearly)"

Of the now from bednarz and Vimeo.

And here's a great tribute to Banksy...

Remember the Tango spoof of the Sony bouncy balls ads. Well... this isn't as funny but it does go to show that the Sony idea is strong and interesting enough to precipitate spoofs.

Spoofability - strong creative ideas that can be picked up by anyone with a camcorder or a mac and reworked.

Master Card
Sony Bravia

From for the love of food:

"I have just been dying to start writing this blog entry! Yesterday I was reading through yumsugar and I came across their post “Pure Spring Water + Alcohol = Awesome?“. Oh man, when I read this the first thing that sprung to mind was - they’re adding water to alcohol..and calling it beer?? And, people want to pay for that? I envision workers in a factory dumping out 2/3 of a bottle of Smirnoff and then filling it back up with tap “spring” water. I am interested to know who goes for this stuff? The health-conscious alcoholic?? Don’t get me wrong, I love a glass of red wine or a margarita or a glass of cider or a glass of sparkling wine or a piƱa colada or…you get my drift. But, give me the real stuff - don’t add water to it and try to sell it to me! Give me a freaking break people (Smirnoff)!

Here is their gimick..."

This is getting quite a bit of publicity. It's probably just a loss leader to get the message across that Smirnoff is very clear/pure/refined vodka. Maybe...


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