Sunday, August 05, 2007

I found this on Liquor Snob and thought it was worth sharing...

"We just got a press release about an Urban Lifestyle Specialist contest from Smirnoff, and to be honest, before reading it we wouldn't have been able to tell you what an Urban Lifestyle Specialist is. We probably would've said they're the folks who teach 50 Cent to shoot people, or consult with Puffy/Puff Daddy/P Diddy on his monthly name change.

Now that we've read the release, apparently the ULS contest has something to do with sending 10 people all over the world for a year to "retrace the worldwide journey of the Smirnoff brand." It's got all kinds of buzzwords about how those ULSs will use blog and video and photograph and fingerpaint about their journey. We have to admit, it got us excited about the contest and what being a ULS might be.
We're fully ready to sign up and we really think we're perfect for the Smirnoff Ten; find out more in the press release below or head to to throw your hat in the ring.

Smirnoff, the world's number-one selling premium spirit*, announced today a global search for 10 consumers to travel the world in pursuit of original nightlife experiences. One lucky person from the U.S. will have the opportunity to join nine others from around the globe – dubbed The Smirnoff Ten – to travel together for one year as they re-trace the worldwide journey of the Smirnoff brand. This adventure will be documented through short films, blogs, photos and other media.

As part of the journey, the crew of globetrotters will travel to Smirnoff Experience events in Moscow, Shanghai, Paris and New York - the four landmark cities in the brand’s history. Each Smirnoff Experience event recreates and celebrates the legacy and heritage Vladimir Smirnoff experienced in that city. In addition, The Smirnoff Ten will visit the world’s most exciting events, festivals, bars and clubs across six continents (Asia, Europe, South Africa, Australia, North and South America). Smirnoff is seeking writers, photographers, reporters, cameramen/women and editors with unique style and finesse to comprise The Smirnoff Ten. Smirnoff will also be looking for those who are tastemakers of nightlife in their area, such as mixologists, DJs, promoters, and those who live the urban culture and can work the scene anywhere in the world.

The Smirnoff Ten will focus on the unique people and the exciting places that are shaping nightlife experiences. Each team member will report their findings back to Smirnoff through short films, blogs, photoblogs and/or articles. The submitted content will be featured on as well as on websites, TV, radio, and print. As part of this effort, Smirnoff has agreed to a deal with YouTube, which will feature The Smirnoff Ten on a branded channel throughout the year."

To visit the Smirnoff Experience YouTube site click here...

This is certainly worth keeping an eye on... the video has already had over a million views... This is a great platform for running a global experiential competition.



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