Thursday, March 29, 2007

From Fashion Week Daily:

"Think you know it all when it comes to sipping in style? Sure, you're savvy, but Cointreau could teach you a thing or two. Lesson one: just as important as the drink itself is what you pick to pour it. Case in point? Their new collection of celebrity-designed bottles. The luxe liqueurist tapped boldfacers like Molly Sims, Carmen Electra, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth and Chris Evans—all of whom helped host its events throughout the past year—to co-design Cointreau bottles with NYC artist Mike Sagato, which are now being auctioned off to benefit charities like Friends of El Faro, Head to Hollywood, Save Darfur, National Resource Defense Council, Animal Avengers, and the Concord Youth Theater. The bidding ends March 27, so log on soon, do some good, and sip like a star!"

To see more of the Cointreau stuff click here.

Thanks to Bryan Mattox for this.



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