Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Innocent Pinboard from Where's the Sausage:

"God these guys are good. They do help me keep the faith in branding on my darker days.

Despite becoming seriously big (100 million Euros+ in turnover), innocent manage to stay, well, innnocent. One really nice feature is there brand pinboard.

Rather than this being a static and brand-created piece of content, it updates daily using a feed from the brand's flicker albums, which are populated mainly with user-generated photos. My favourite is the "supergran" album, full of photos of the woolly hats they put on the bottles at Xmas to raise money for charity. Why Supergran? Becuase the little hats are made by an army of little old ladies who live in old peoples' homes!

Any other brands making good use of user-generated content like this?"

This is fantastic - a cracking example of how a brand can successfully embrace web 2.0 and encourage brand enthusiasm. I couldn't like this a lot more!

Below is the Flickr group that powers the Sueprgran part of the pinboard:

This model could be a great way of facilitating the DisCCover campaign.

Click here for the complete Innocent Flcikr account.



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