Monday, March 26, 2007

From Think Geek:

"The Ultimate in Cool Style

Your tasty beverage is warm, so what do you do? Reach into the freezer and grab an ice-cube or three. Plonk. Swirl. Cold again. But, as you circulate through the crowd, body-heat warms your drink. The ice melts, and you're left again with a warm, and now watered-down, beverage. This is neither stylish nor efficient.

Sleek, shiny and way way coolAt ThinkGeek Labs, we're all about science, so we experimented. We gave Timmy, the ThinkGeek lab monkey, a highball of a tasty amber colored beverage. Instead of ice, we gave him the Piet Hein Drink cooler, a hunk of highly polished super-ellipsoid stainless steel, stuck it in the freezer for an hour, and dropped it into Timmy's drink. Plonk. Swirl. Cold again. We watched as he mingled through the party.

The drink remained cold - colder than a similar volume of ice could make it. It stayed cold longer... MUCH longer, and didn't dilute the drink. The magic behind this is a liquid core of a top-secret substance that freezes solid and releases its cooling mojo slowly. And talk about style! The shiny metal egg in his drink turned lots of heads and instantly made him the center of attention."

Great piece of ooze. Really premium. Something to get talked about.


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