Friday, June 13, 2008

Check out this cool bar in the US article sourced from:
It’s enough to make most other projects look creativelybland. Covered entirely in cell-like, bulbous LED panels,Diva Lounge in Boston (Massachusetts, not Lincolnshire) hasbeen constructed to evoke a surreal, cloud-like experience.The other-worldly design, by Studio Luz Architects in Boston,continues with bathroom pods, the kind not seen since Sketch, in a tactile ‘goose bump’ finish.More down-to-earth elements serve as a foil to all this modernity, with worm-eaten, disease-killed wood used as the bar itself, as well as an underlit veneer elsewhere, creating an intriguing porous skin on surfaces.Originally, the aim had been for LED panels that would change colour slowly and subtly, but this proved too expensive, so the colours are fixed and grouped according to where customers will sit.Nevertheless, it’s innovative to see lighting forming the basisfor an entire design rather than simply augmenting more conventional stylings, and represents a complete transformation for the former retail space that presented a challenge by being so long and thin (90ft by 14ft). The bar’s owners have refused to say how much it has cost.


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