Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tennents have come up with a great way of staging a festival... set up a web 2.0 website and let the fans decide how to spend the £150,000 of cash.

Here's a lift from their about page...

"Revolutionise Scotland’s live music scene – artists, locations, venues, ticket prices: you decide.

The Tennent's Mutual is transforming Scotland’s live music landscape by switching influence from the hands of the industry, into the heart of the music community.

By encouraging music lovers to invest its annual music budget, The Tennent’s Mutual is empowering Scotland’s gigging enthusiasts to own and control a new music agenda: for music fans, by music fans.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is: Tennent’s have donated a start-up fund of £150k for 2008, with a view to enabling you to devise and programme a series of live shows in Scotland in October / November this year. And the process starts right now!

All ticket income generated from The Tennent’s Mutual shows 2008 will be reinvested to increase next year’s budget for the project. This ensuing sum will be further fortified by an annual donation from Tennent’s Lager’s music budget. As for how said money is spent – that’s up to you.

The Tennent's Mutual is electrifying the live music landscape. Its scope is vast. And it's in your hands.

Use the left-hand menu bar for the lowdown on getting involved, plus lots more info on The Tennent's Mutual."

What a fresh idea for a festival.



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