Tuesday, January 08, 2008

From Luxist

"Earlier this week I came across the "80 things to watch in 2008" list from advertising agency JWT. It's is an interesting take on what might be hot next year. Some of the things make easy sense like actress Keira Knightley who is currently on the big screen in "Atonement," Beijing in 2008 (the upcoming Olympics will be held there), and various things eco (eco-fatigue, blue as the new green, green weddings and carbon tax) all made the list. For luxspotters, there are a couple interesting notes such as the rise of hot fashion names Phillip Lim and Vena Cava, the humbling of the hedge fund manager and skiing in unique spots like Kashmir, Japan and Greenland. As someone who follows the wine and spirits world I was struck by number 69 on the list: tequila is the new wine. It's an ambitious statement but I'm not sure I buy it. First of all, tequila production has grown but it is in no way poised to take wine which is produced all around the world. And while people are starting to have an increased appreciation for handcrafted and artisanal tequilas, it's nothing even close to the world of wine connoisseurship. Now, tequila is the new vodka, and that I'll believe."

Could be a great year for Sauza!



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