Monday, January 07, 2008

Carlsberg 900

A beer so exclusive it doesn't even have its own website and is almost impossible to find.... Carlsberg 900 is rare and very desirable.

From Trendwatching

"Carlsberg 900 (which doesn't have its own website) launched this summer in a very limited number of selected bars in Stockholm. Developed in collaboration with 12 top Swedish bartenders, Carlsberg 900 is “brewed from refined virgin hops and selected crystal malt, and triple filtered with a longer cooler fermentation process to ensure a pure, delicate taste.” Carlsberg 900 is priced at the premium end of the market, about the price of decent glass of champagne."

This is an example of premiumisation and is not out of place at all in the world of spirits.


frans said...

Premiumisation is hot. Carlsberg is not the first with a special premium beer. Take Bavaria. They brew "Swinkels" named after the fouders of the brewery. Only available in selected bars. It looks great and tastes very special.


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