Thursday, December 18, 2008

From Luxist and Brand Republic:

"Scottish whiskeymaking and Scottish photography combine with the launch of The Macallan Masters of Photography Rankin Edition. Rankin is a famed Scottish photographer and he was chosen to Easter Elchies House, the "spiritual home of The Macallan." He spent a summer interpreting the The Macallan Estate through his camera lens. The result is 1,000 unique bottles of The Macallan Fine Oak 30 year old single malt whisky each bearing an original Rankin image, captured on Polaroid. Since Polaroid was discontinued this year,The Masters of Photography represents the end of an era. The black-and-white pictures include artistic studies of the lovely Tuuli, Rankin's muse, shown on this bottle, as well as pictures of Easter Elchies House, shots of craftspeople at the distillery, and still life images of the surrounding flora and fauna at the estate. Each bottle comes in a black leather box lined with velvet and containing an original Rankin Polaroid. Each bottle will have an individually printed label which matches the specific Polaroid contained within the box and a booklet of authenticity signed by Rankin. Each bottle sells for around $1,300."

This is really impressive stuff. A great way of putting together a product that people really want. What I like most is:

1. Even though this is a limited edition of 1000, it is interesting to people above and beyond people who might buy a bottle.

2. The photography of Rankin draws in people who are interested in art, design and photography who wouldn't otherwise have felt connected to Macallan

3. The photography gives people the ability to disperse the Macallan story - given the range of the shots this idea is spreading beautiful little nuggets of Macallan around the web

4. The black and white style of Rankin's photography feels very premium and on a basic look and feel level gives Macallan the gloss that it is well known for

5. Given that each photograph is unique it makes each bottle very special. Typically, limited editions will feature a signature and numbering... but this goes much further... making each bottle feel precious

6. It's worth talking about



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