Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jameson Ads

These two ads for Jamesons were both in Shorlist last week - but they don't really feel like they are from the same brand...

Is that a problem? Yes. The "Seriously Playful" ads should reflect the same personality as the "cult film" promotion. Personally, I don't they don't seem to gel very well.

What are Jameson basing their "cult films" credentials on? And also, what are they basing their seriously playful ads on? Because it's triple distilled and Irish? And does this matter? I mean, Heinken claimed to refresh parts of the body other beers couldn't reach...

I've got a soft spot for Jameson because a drunken Irish vicar christened me "Jonathan Jameson Brown" rather than "Jonathan James Brown"! But even with this, Seriously Playful just seems a bit too try hard and contrived.



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