Friday, December 12, 2008

Courvoisier hosted a spectacular party for the Future 500 at The House of St. Barnabus on Greek Street. The Future 500 (F500) is a network created by Courvoisier, designed to support and promote Britain's most sparkling talent. The event last week celebrated the success of our members by showcasing some of the inspirational work that they have accomplished this year as well as creating a rich environment for networking and sharing ideas. Click here to watch the Brand Republic video. And for a round up of what the idea is all about click here for a previous post.

I was privileged to be invited and was genuinely overwhelmed by how enthusiastic the Members were. They all had nothing but praise for the idea and relished the chance to meet up with like minded entrepreneurs. One of the best things about the network is the Future Bank which offers members the chance to pitch, on a monthly basis, for £1,000 funding for fresh and inventive ideas...

Le Nez was also given its first public outing. We created a room dedicated to the layers of aromas and flavours found within Courvoisier XO Imperial. We have identified 3 key aromas for each of our 7 marques and have created them as perfumes as a way of demystifying Courvoisier cognac and helping people to understand the cognac experience in a refreshing way.

We created a darkened room styled to look like a perfumery with seating for 5 intimate guests. Rebecca explained the idea and then presented the 3 key aromas - for XO the aromas of creme brulee, candied orange and iris flowers. To enhance the experience of each aroma we have worked with an incredibly talented musician called Laurent Assoulen who is able to compose the sound of smells. We played this music whilst we diffused the key aromas.

There was a queue of people all night waiting to experience Le Nez de Courvoisier and the feedback was excellent. It's great to see such a positive reaction to this sensory experience.

Le Nez permeated the whole event, with cocktails designed to pair up with the aromas in Exclusif - A Gingerbread Courvoisier Exclusif cocktail played with the aroma of gingerbread that you find in this cognac.

And delicious creme brulees played with the aroma of creme brulee in XO.

The Courvoisier Future 500 is on a roll - we can't wait to see how it evolves.



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