Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm not going to post everything because it would take too long. But follow the relevant links and you'll see just how amazing this experience was for Jeam Aw from Not Cot.

First of all Veuve whisked Jean over to Paris from LA and provided her with a cool array of branded goodies in her hotel...

First port of call seems to have been a trip to see the Veuve Chateau... in an orange Bentley!

Loving the sat nav...

And then they had the most amazing demonstration of the recent Riva / Veuve collaboration - as they were taken on a gourmet river boat trip, with a champagne pairing meal.

The food and chapagne pairing looks awesome...

And they had another meal to celebrate the launch of the new Veuve ice bucket...

I've got 3 comments about this.

1. Veuve have done an awesome job - all of their ideas are inspiring and fit into the luxury lifestyle, champagne drinking experience. The stuff they have made and the people/brands they collaborate with are spot on. It all reflects well on Veuve and gets people like Jean talking about their brand.

2. Great idea to invite the likes of Jean to the Chateau. All the little extras such as writing pads and city guides show this is a brand with attention to detail. This is a very successful mechanic for generating PR.

3. I want Jean's job!


Jean said...

Ooooh and there's SO much more i haven't even gotten to tell you about yet! Your order is slightly mixed up, but you certainly get the idea of what happened in your post!

A few amazing things i haven't gotten to yet... visiting the vineyards, seeing the roman caves, exploring the archive and seeing the first labels and shipping orders, dining with the president in the main house in reims by candle light (no electricity, since its all under construction!), and don't forget the helicopter ride!!!

They were also kind enough to help me stay on a few extra days so i could get finally experience Maison et Objet, so you can see a bunch of design posts from that popping up on the site now too!

We have much to catch up on! I'm back in LA tomorrow ~ we're so overdue for a call


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