Tuesday, September 02, 2008

From Luxist:

"A nice one-bedroom apartment in NYC rents for about $2,500/month. And for that same price you can get a shot -- yes, just a taste -- of Louis XIII Black Pearl Magnum cognac, a limited edition, natch, kept in a glass case and then offered exclusively at NYC's Rose Club at the Plaza hotel. The spirit, produced by Remy Martin, cannot be sampled anywhere else in the State of New York. The bottle, designed by Baccarat and hand-blown from black crystal, has not yet been uncorked since it was introduced in June. A recent Rose Club patron asked if he could buy the entire bottle, one of only 358 in the world. Rose Club manager Anthony Evangelista turned him down, and the man left without even tasting it. There are about 32 pours in the 1.75 liter bottle, meaning that the decanter contains $80,000 worth of cognac."

Here's some comments from the Daily News:

"This is why people in the world hate us. $80,000 for a bottle and $2500 big ones for a drink that is the price they charge in the hot azz desert. I remember the days of quarter waters (25-cent juice) and 50-cent sodas and four wings with fries from the Chinese spot all for under four dollars and fifty cents."

"Let us play a game to see what $80,000 G’s can get you; A house down south, a bachelors degree , three open heart surgeries, ten dates with the ex-governors girl friend, protection from the mob, fifth-teen hit-men, a bribe for a politician, hush money, five suits for mayor money bags, 40,000 hot dogs with every thing on it, one hundred overtime hours for city workers, eight years of season ticket for the Kicks ,and 160,000 jelly doughnuts."

"If I have 80G I would used it for something else."

Not necessarily positive, but it is being talked about!



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