Thursday, October 11, 2007

Expanding on the idea of booze tourism... the Jura Island Lodge is a great example.

From the Isle of Jura:

"In the not so distant past we welcomed distillery guests in the distillery itself. With the opening of the Lodge we are delighted to be able to do so again.

For the many people that help us make Jura whisky successful around the world, the lodge will be an ideal place to come and discover more about the distillery and the island with which it shares its name.

For the true whisky enthusiasts we are delighted to announce the foundation of The Jura Fellowship, a four day residential programme where guests will be immersed in distillery and island life.

The lodge will also be available for private rental at certain times of the year. Shooting, hunting, fishing, fell walking, lobster eating, sailing and whisky drinking can all be organised upon request. Alternatively you can do very little, relax in the land of no mobile phone coverage and enjoy the pace of island life.

For further details please contact

Hoping to see you soon."



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