Friday, August 04, 2006

Woodford Reserve Bourbon have jumped on the Fractional Luxury bandwaggon with part ownership of a racehorse in the USA. By signing up to the site you gain admission to the online world of Woodford Reserve horse racing. There is an excellent aricle about this in The Economist.

From the Woodford Reserve website:

"Tom Dempsey, Woodford Reserve Brand Manager, also announced the launching of the Woodford Reserve Thoroughbred Society, an internet-based Web site and program which will allow registered consumers to become on-line virtual "owners" of the Woodford Reserve Stables and experience the peaks and valleys of virtual thoroughbred ownership and racing.

"Woodford Reserve has been associated with thoroughbred horse racing from its inception and the Woodford Reserve Stables provides an opportunity for Woodford Reserve fans and horse racing fans to experience first hand the successes and disappointments of horse racing," Dempsey explained.

Consumers can join the Woodford Reserve Thoroughbred Society by registering on-line at (, the society's Web address. Members of the -over- society will receive a membership certificate, lapel pin, photograph of the filly and premium access to special events sponsored by Woodford Reserve and Churchill Downs. Members will also receive regular updates related to the Woodford Reserve Stables, including pedigree details, training session updates and briefings from the trainers. There is no cost for member registration.

Members of the Woodford Reserve Thoroughbred Society will have the on-line opportunity to select the name of the filly and vote for the design of the jockey silks to be used for the stables. Members of the society will vote on the following names: Angel's Share, Distill My Heart, Distiller's Girl, and Woodford Miss. According to Dempsey, each name has been registered with The Jockey Club. "

This concept fits in very well with the brand's heritage as they have longstanding ties to the horse racing world, coming as they do from Kentucky. As stated on Wikipedia and Bacardi Brown Foreman's website, they have sponsored the Kentucky Derby and the Woodford Reserve Turf Classic for a few years now. The limited edition bottle below shows how a good integrated campaign can work.



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