Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whilst having a look at a target consumers' Myspace profile in the States I came across a Crown Royal Myspace profile with a collection of other spirts as "his" friend.

Whether this is something done by fans of these spirits, the brands themselves or distributors is unclear.

Crown Royal's Myspace friends include Jose Cuervo, Bacardi, Absolut, Southern Comfort, Jim Beam etc.

Or is it some sort of "Myspace advertising agency" plugging for business... if anyone has a view on it let me know.


Erika Warren said...

As for the Jim Beam myspace page - this is a consumer generated page, with a few wrong facts, and probably a legal nightmare. Any suggestions on handling these types of situations? Should we be reaching out to the user to correct at least the historical facts?

Browners said...

You are right about the consumer generated nature of these pages. Some are more accurate than others. I'm not sure how these individuals will respond to being asked to change the content of their pages.

Interestingly they all seem to link back to a group of 60,000 people called "Drunks United".


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