Monday, August 07, 2006

Sony are being very clever with their Bravia ads. The original ad filmed on the streets of San Francisco, not only was a beautiful ad, but it was PRed in such a way as to gain as much buzz as possible. The filming of the ad was made into a spectacular event - roads were blocked off as thousands of curious people came to see millions of coloured balls bounce down the slopey roads of San Francisco. This buzz quickly made its way onto the internet as blogs told the world about the impending Sony ad hitting the screens.

Since the ad has been aired it has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times around the world. To see the ad just click on the triangle below.

The video below shows how the ad was made by the guys over at Fallon. This video has been watched thousands of times.

Since then, Tango has brilliantly made a spoof version where pieces of fruit replace the coloured balls causing chaos. This has been viewed tens of thousands of times doing wonders for Tango and Sony's street cred.

In the last few weeks Sony's Bravia campaign has made its way over from the style and glamour of San Francisco to the, erm... squalor, of Glasgow film their latest ad. Like the SF ad, the filming of this version has generated plenty of interest with thousands of people wathcing a tower block explode with colour. The numerous versions of this video have already been watched over 100,000 times - some teaser.



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