Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Drinkspiration - Mixology on the go Ever draw a blank at the bar? The Drinkspiration iPhone app from Absolut Drinks will help you order or recommend a cocktail to match the moment's mood, weather, color, time, location, bar vibe and more. An interactive encyclopedia that lets you hook-in to up-to-the-minute global drink trends, and then share what you want via Twitter and Facebook.

Functions and Features

Just scroll through, select your categories, and Drinkspiration will zero-in on the perfect drink. The choice made, you can easily share it, create top lists and tip off your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Personalised drink suggestions
Vibrant drink images
World trend list with real-time updates
Facebook and Twitter integration
Mood, vibe, time and weather sensitive
Encyclopedia of recipes from Absolut Drinks
Personal order history
GPS driven
Live reports on drink trends in Prague, Tokyo, Paris, Buenos Aires and everywhere else

The best of Absolut drinks for iphone and blog

Sign up at Absolutdrinks.com and get free downloadable widgets that provide seamless integration between your Absolut Drinks profile, your iPhone and your blog. Sign up and the sophisticated entertainment of Drinkspiration and Absolut Drinks is at your fingertips. The widgets let you synch with your Absolut Drinks profile and keep your blog up to the minute with drink history, current favorites, and your all-time top five.

Download the app at http://www.absolutdrinks.com/

This is such a good idea and could work really well for Sauza Gold & Blanco.



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