Monday, February 16, 2009

As ever, Luxist is on top of all the premium drinks launches and trends:

"Belvedere is introducing a new super-premium vodka made with nine special ingredients created to "embody the spirit of the night." Belvedere IX (right), which comes in glam-punk style black and pink graffiti-tagged bottle, will initially be available only in select nightclubs.

IX's nine key ingredients are ginseng, guarana, acai, ginger, sweet almond, jasmine, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and black cherry, "blended seamlessly to create a warm and enlivening note on the nose." The ingredients are individually distilled in micro-batches before being expertly blended with 100 proof Belvedere Vodka and artesian water.

IX is described as "bold and intricate with uplifting sweet spice followed by invigorating ginger warmth," and "smooth yet intense, with menthol complexity tempered by sweet almond and jasmine undercurrents," finishing with "a characteristic Belvedere flourish of vanilla and white pepper."

The bottle's distinctive design is the result of a collaboration with artist and fashion designer Andre Saraiva. It's inspired by Saraiva's iconic graffiti seen on the streets of Paris since the late 1980s. Described by Sam Keller, director of Art Basel Miami Beach, as a "social alchemist," Saraiva also co-owns Paris' Le Baron nightclub."

Also, have a look at Spirit Me Away's review here.


Brian said...

The bottle is perfectly designed for nightclub by Andre Saraiva.The color combination of the bottle is just perfect for night life/party. Blevedere Ix , the name justifies itself as this drink is a combination of special nine ingredients. It has smooth , yet intense, with menthol complexity tempered by gentle sweet almond and jasmine undercurrents.I like to enjoy my weekend nightlife with this drink with Cuban cigars cigars.As my favorite cigars are not easily available in the local market, so I buy them online.


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