Friday, February 20, 2009

From their Press Release:

"BACARDI® today announced the launch of new global packaging for its flavored rum brands to showcase the premium quality of its rums. The re-designed bottles and outer shippers have a bolder, more modern look to further capture the attention of adult consumers.

The redesigned bottle is more slender in shape and utilizes colorful, new label designs to more prominently display the dynamic taste of each BACARDI Flavored Rum, including: BACARDI® LIMÓN™; BACARDI® O™; BACARDI® PEACH RED; BACARDI® RAZZ™; BACARDI® BIG APPLE™; BACARDI® GRAND MELON™; and BACARDI®COCONUT™. The innovative bottle design is the perfect mix of style and sophistication.

“The new global packaging of the BACARDI Flavored Rum family of brands showcases the bold, vibrant and distinct qualities of these outstanding flavors,” said Gordon Chisholm, brand director, BACARDI Flavored Rums. “It further strengthens the Bacardi leadership position within the flavored rum category, as well as our role as a premium spirits producer. We are very excited about the evolution of the brand and its continued growth.”

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