Monday, November 10, 2008

Ikea's "Let's make the everyday a little better" idea has made a sensational comeback in Moscow. I'm probably overstating this a bit. The last time we reported on Ikea was in August 2006!

Here's a quick recap of the work they were doing in New York...

And the work in Sweden was just as cute... possibly even more so...

And now they have rolled out the same idea in Russia. I love it. And I am guessing it must have been a nightmare to get the Russian authorities to approve it!

For the full set of Flickr photos click here. It's great to see. The one time I used the Moscow underground I got incredibly lost and decided not to use it again. The resulting taxi ride resulted in me and Anne getting kidnapped! For more background have a look at this. It's great to see something that isn't intrusive.

What if Ikea were to invest in the London Underground. They could be in charge of the Hammersmith and City Line's design... could be fun. And it would fit with the private finance initiative. What do you think Borris?

Discovered on PSFK.



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