Thursday, October 16, 2008

We launched what we affectionally call "Le Nez" in the USA several months ago. It's a way of using the rich array of aromas in Courvoisier's cognac as a really engaging programme for our sales force and cognac fans to explain what makes Courvoisier so special. The sense of smell is underused in the world of marketing and is proving to be an extrmely effective way of demystifying the complex world of cognac. (For some interesting research into the power of smell see the Sense of Smell Institute website)

For each marque our skilled group of cognac artisans at Jarnac have identified the 3 key aromas that are most prevalent. Our cognac experts are able to explain the cause of each individual smell, which is a great way of training our sales force and cognac enthusiasts alike about what makes Courvoisier so rich and aromatic.

We have worked with Presensia and Givaudan to create the exact aromas that our nosing team identified... it has been a fascinating project that we are incredibly passionate about.

It's brilliant to see the idea getting such a great write up from the likes of Robert Plotkin on the Bar Media blog.

"Brandy is the most prestigious spirit on the shelf. Few products immediately conjure aspirational images of prosperity and sophistication, or so ably illustrate the concept of affordable luxury as do as these traditional heavyweights. Their appeal transcends age and demographics, and although belt-tightening has reduced our discretionary income, cognacs and brandies offer people a lot of indulgence for the buck.

The House of Courvoisier has developed an extraordinary educational program geared to help people in the industry develop their senses of smell, which in turn, leads to heightened senses of taste. The program is called Le Nez ("the nose") de Courvoisier and involves working with various bottled scents to learn how to readily identify those same aromas in their cognac, or more specifically Courvoisier XO Imperial and Courvoisier Exclusif.

Recently released Exclusif is a distinctively different style of cognac created for use in cocktails, a role that it performs exceptionally well. One reason is the highly aromatic composition of its blend, which includes eaux de vie from the small, exclusive growing regions of Fins Bois and Borderies. The Le Nez program (pronounced luh nay) helps you distinguish the various aromas in Exclusif's bouquet, such as dried plums, ginger cookies and roasted coffee beans.

At the upper reaches of their portfolio is Courvoisier XO Imperial, a prestigious cognac assembled with eaux de vie ranging in age between 20 and 35 years derived largely from the Grande Champagne region, with lesser amounts from Petite Champagne and Borderies. Its savory bouquet is rich with the aromas of crème brûlée, candied oranges and iris flowers.

The Le Nez de Courvoisier program is a brilliant approach to enhancing the appreciation of not only cognac, but all premium distilled spirits. The program is under the direction of Courvoisier Brand Ambassador, Stephanie Mills. For more information, contact your local Jim Beam representative, or Beam Global Spirits & Wine in Deerfield, IL at 847.948.8888.

It presents an invaluable opportunity to sharpen your skills and senses all in one fell swoop. --RP"

Well done to all the Le Nez team - let's keep the momentum up drive the idea forward. If anyone wants to know more or wants one of our Le Nez de Courvoisier kits, let us know.


sl said...

I want a set of the Le Nez Kits. How can i get it?


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