Friday, October 31, 2008

Cointreau Noir

From Luxist

"If regular Cointreau is just a bit too orange-heavy for you to drink by itself you might want to taste Cointreau Noir. The tagline for the drink is "nothing to add," highlighting the fact that Cointreau on its own is a ubiquitous mixer.

The new Cointreau Noir is a blend of Cointreau liqueur and Remy Martin cognac meant to be sipped neat over ice or straight. The bottle is almost identical to the regular Cointreau bottle's squared shape except this bottle has a bright copper coating and a bold black label. But it's what inside that commands attention. The pairing of Cointreau and Remy Martin has resulted in mellowing out Cointreau's sweet orange flavor and adding soft vanilla and nut notes, as well as a golden amber color It's a natural for pairing with fall desserts like pumpkin, apple or pecan pie. It also turns a cup of coffee into a deliciously decadent drink Were I headed to an outdoor fall event, this would be a wonderful warmer to keep in my flask. It can be found for around $63.99 for a 750ml bottle."

Interesting to see Remy sneaking in here.



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