Friday, October 31, 2008

From Luxist

"Rye whiskey doesn't have a reputation for being a particularly modern tipple but Beam is trying to help that profile along with the introduction of (rī)1 Whiskey, the company's first ultra-premium rye whiskey. The (rī)1 (pronounced "rye one") has the slightly peppery edge to it that draws people to rye whiskey. When served with water, the fuirt and spice notes become more apparent. Of course rye whiskey has a natural home in Manhattans and Old Fashioneds but the they have also created a new cocktail, the Rising Sun, that uses lemon juice and orange juice. I haven't had a chance to taste what's inside yet but at least the bottle doesn't make you feel like you're drinking grandpa's booze. It sells for $46-$48 and future (rī)2 and (rī)3 editions are planned."

Great looking bottle. A neat idea. And a great addition to the Beam portfolio.



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