Thursday, May 24, 2007

From Sailor Jerry's website:

1. Whenever possible, we make our stuff here in the USA - so we're not causing boatloads of global warming emmissions.

2. We make quality shit in classic styles that will look good your whole life if your kids don't steal if first - not the kind of trendy shit you throw away in a year.

3. Because we make more of our stuff here, we rely less on shitty third world factories that have slack environmental rules and treat their employees like dirt.

4. Every goddamn one of our employees bikes or walks to work. If EVERYONE did this, we'd kick global warming's ass from here to shanghai.

5. Our store, office and warehousing in 150 year-old re-habbed buildings - not some cookie cutter suburban office park where farmland used to be.

6. We're a small family-owned company that is not publically traded. So we make rational growth decisions based on our personal passions, beliefs and ideologies, not greed and quarterly profits.

7. And our rum? It's 92 proof, which means you need buy less (and we need to ship less of it) of it to get the job done. Our bottles are simple on purpose - to make recycling easy.



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