Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is a great case study of how to make the most of facebook for booze brands.

It's Pimm's 'O Clock! has over 16,000 members and 661 wall posts. Not to mention a very actice picture gallery and discussion board. It's full of innovative drinking solutions, brand enthusiasm, creativity and brand love.

One of my favourite facets of it is the fact that an entire group of people turned on two people who consumed Pimms in the wrong manner.

Pimms hater:

"My relationship with Pimms is over after drinking half a bottle of the stuff...straight... (catch-up before meeting my mates) \"stumbling\".. across something not so nice, trying to make a co-herant 999 call to the police and then trying to give a semi co-herent statement. The Pimms re-appeared later in the night aimed at the porcelin of course..."

Pimms lovers leapt to defend their prized drink:

"You two REALLY don't belong in this group."

it should be civilised with lemonaide and fruit chunks"

"I tried some pimms straight, yeuch!! Not advisable. It's not a drink to be used as a tool for getting drunk, it is highly sophisticated and belongs at cricket matches and garden parties. xxx"

The brand's ATL campaign spreads through the line and is now a part of the modern vernacular. If the brand's aim was to target a younger audience then by Golly they've achieved it! And they will continue to reap their rewards from now on. Focus groups, drinking trends, word of mouth... done.



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