Wednesday, February 14, 2007

le cool has come to London and I am very excited about it. Here's their open gambit:

"Maybe it’s because I’m not a Londoner…

But then who is? I’ve been here twenty years and still only met a handful of people born within the city limits – and they were all cabbies. We came here because we love it – not as an accident of birth. So, welcome to this first issue of le cool London – yet another new arrival in a city made up of newcomers.

London’s a city for the omnivores – it’s us and the rats who thrive. We like it mixed up and messy – food in our clubs; DJs in our shops, cinema in our city parks. We'll make le cool as funny and joyful and diverse and fascinating as London itself.

Looking forward to meeting you, say René, Mat, Andrew & Kati."

If their guidebook to Barcelona is anything to go by we are in for a treat.



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