Thursday, February 08, 2007

Brand Enthusiasm

We are all getting very excited about the concept of Brand/Marketing Enthusiasm as a move on from Brand Engagement. The best person to find out about Marketing Enthusiasm is John Grant on his Brand Tarot blog. He is vigorously expounding the theory in an open source manner with his a presentation on Marketing Enthusiasm available to view on Flickr here.

To read his full post on Marketing Enthusiasm click here and see below for an extract.

"This should be understood as a radical new alternative to marketing aspiration (image). It is about being involved in things you have a passion for vs passively buying something which might make you look good. That’s still a factor in some markets - eg fashion - but even here TopShop have shown that marketing enthusiasm can play a role.

Enthusiasm is if you think about it the key driver of internet 2.0
eBay, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia… no brand image, but a lot of enthusiasm."

1. find a bigger enthusiasm than your brand
2. Give people a way to get involved
3. Innovate to build life-relevance
4. Co-operate
5. Catch On
6. Partner Up
7. Build a Molecule

Have one strategy; ie one enthusiasm. (Anyone who insists on calling this a proposition, that’s fine - it’s nearly Christmas after all - but I would tend to call it your issue or agenda). For instance Top Shop brings the high fashion experience to the high street. Then you need to add multiple ideas to keep it fresh, attract different segments, develop it organically, avoid being cling film wrapped with ‘consistency. Top Shop and London Fashion Week, Kate Moss, Personal Dressing, the AIDS charity auction, vintage range…"

This is all gold dust and is fleshed out more fully in his book "The Brand Innovation Manifesto" and to get involved in the community that is chatting about this idea get involved in the Brand Tarot blog.

His idea really strikes a chord with all the stuff we have been focusing on recently and fits very snugly with the concept that how and what you do is far more important than what you say.

Hoopla also has some brilliant support for this idea as well. CP+B have been doing this work for years and their book is brilliantly engaging piece of communication in its own right. Work such as Subservient Chicken for Burger King, the Rabbit for VW and Truth against smoking is completely on the money.

What does everyone think? I'm very enthusiastic about it for starters.


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