Monday, February 05, 2007

These are getting a very mixed reaction. I rather like them but Mitchell and Webb are getting a lot of criticism for selling out:

"Yep; well, I've never seen the U.S. ads these are based on, but they got some stick for relying on "image" stereotypes, and this one is pretty substance-free too. Wouldn't mind if they'd used more appropriate ones, but the "PCs are just office machines and can't do home stuff" is about 10-years out-of-date."

"Obviously never heard of Dave Gorman - a man who can effortlessly capture the craziest of events through pie charts."

"...Impressive? as though that's the fruition of their talent? Love the idea that '2 british sitcom wirters' need validation from some shite advertising campaign. That's their finest hour?! Bollocks. They blew it."

Either way, it's work that's getting talked about.



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