Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stella Trapped

Stella has launched a holistic campaign in Toronto based on glorifying a glass of their beer. It's based on placing the glass in the centre of a trap which has been made into a street installation and online game.

From Adverbox.

"The Beer Company has unveiled The Trap at the corner of Bloor & Avenue in Toronto. The complex installation is five meters high and weighs more than two tons. In the middle of The Trap, on a pedestal, sits a tempting chalice of Stella Artois.

It’s only in Toronto until October 25th. After that it’s on its way to other major cities including New York and San Paulo."

Online game called Le Defi
ties the online game into the real world promotion. Users are encouraged to challenge friends to unravel their trap.

No promotion is complete without cool coasters. These ones show the way the promotion evolved.

What strikes me most is the way Stella has used the internet to PR their work. Although this is a local project, based in Toronto, it is getting global exposure via advertising blogs, Flickr pictures and the fact that the content is interesting enough to interact with and share.



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