Monday, October 23, 2006

From Adverbox:

"This campaign, created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for the new Saturn Aura, provides potential customers with a video introduction to the manager of their nearest Saturn retailer. Specific advertisements were developed in 22 stores across six market areas - Buffalo N.Y.; Dallas; Harrisburg, Pa.; Indianapolis; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Raleigh, N.C. - all recorded individually to provide the local information.

The campaign is created through a relationship with Google using their new click-to-play video ads on sites across Google’s network of content partners using geo targeting and Google Earth to create a very personal experience.

The agency made the Google click-to-play medium work for Saturn in a way that would be impossible with most traditional media. The campaign showcases the best of all worlds: the visual engagement of television, the interactive abilities of the web and targeting so sophisticated that it makes possible the things that direct mail, mobile marketing and customer-relationship marketing only dream of. All this in a non-invasive way. Its an opt in world."

To see the interactive Google Video ad click here.

Another nifty aspect of the campaign is the option to chat live with a sales rep over a MSN messenger style interface.

It's a brilliant example of a campaign offering consumers the option of permitting a brand to do something useful for them. It ties the trade in really well to the ATL advertising which seems particularly pertinent to the booze industry. As Paul, who found this site wrote:

"It would be awesome if the CC website could feature new or really cool bars/clubs from around the world and of course have a couple super-hot bartenders show you how they make their favourite CC drink."

Thanks to Paul Crowe for this.



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