Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Absolut launched a guerrilla assault on Edinburgh recently. The operation involved an unbranded onslaught of men in Raspberry outfits, polystyrene raspberries and promotions in bars. It all culminated with a huge party on Princes Street and a reveal of a series of special billboards. Outside the club was a pimped out VIP bus for special Absolut Raspberry fans.

From Marketing Week:

"Absolut, the premium vodka brand, is behind a guerrilla marketing campaign that has flooded Edinburgh with raspberries and images of raspberries this week.

The TBWA/London-created activity is designed to sell Absolut Raspberri as a long drink to enjoy with lemonade. It will unveil outdoor creative urging consumers to "Unleash the Raspberri" and has booked sites across the city, which is where Maxxium is based.

Absolut is also running a mobile sampling unit and will be handing out "privilege" cards, giving consumers admission to exclusive events, bar entry and priority taxi access to support the campaign reveal.

Unbranded activity has included giant raspberries brawling in the streets, boarding buses and drinking in Edinburgh bars.

Hundreds of giant raspberries were then scattered across city parks and witness appeal boards asking members of the public for their help."

This all fits in with previous Absolut Raspberry work which you can see here.



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