Friday, September 29, 2006

Simple, but very clever. This label develops a little blue boat when the wine is at the optimum temperature.

From Italian Wine Labels:

"The label on the Mar de Frades 2003 AlbariƱo, a crisp, fruity white wine produced on the northwest coast of Spain that is just perfect paired with seafood, uses thermo-sensitive ink to let you know when the wine in the bottle are suitably chilled.

In fact, when the wine reaches its optimal serving temperature of 52°F to 55°F (about 11°C to 13°C), a little blue ship appears on top of the aqua waves.

The label was introduced by William Grant & Sons, importers of the Mar de Frades winery, who used it for the first time on the 2003 AllbariƱo wine."



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