Friday, September 29, 2006

This is a brilliant example of how to go about getting consumers to design your packaging for you. Budding desingers, keen consumers and students compete to win a grand prize of... having their design made for real and a prize worth $267.

From Finkbuilt

"The initial run of FINKZ Tomato Ketchup will be bottled using 100% recycled 9.5 FL OZ Starbucks frappuccino bottles, the pertinent dimensions of which are illustrated above. Check one out in the grocery store if you need to get a better feel for the bottle. Your label design will need to fit this bottle. Please reserve space for a Nutritional Information panel.

The labels will be printed on a color laser printer, so no foils will be possible. Neckbands, top cap labels, and odd shapes are welcome.

Feel free to add any zippy slogans, catch-phrases or pitches that you think appropriate.

If you know a stitch of HTML, you can make your submission by simply posting an img tag in a comment to this post. Images posted in comments must be no wider than 400 pixels. If you prefer, just email me your entry in any common graphic format and I will post it for you."

Here are some of the designs:



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