Sunday, November 08, 2009

From Clubzone

Absolut is continuing its quest to capture the "spirit" of the world's most iconic cities (that happen to Absolut markets) with the launch of Absolut Vancouver.

Here's a good summary from Popsop:

"The Absolut Vodka brand seems to be the most active on the market of alcohol production. It’s always ready to introduce something new to its loyal customers and future buyers. Now, after presenting Absolut New Orleans, Absolut Los Angeles and Absolut Boston, it is eager to treat us to Absolut Vancouver!

The company is launching the product on November 10, 2009. It will be a limited edition, just 60,000 copies will be available in Canada stores. As the sale is beginning before Christmas, the new product is positioned as a gift from the company to its Canadian consumers."

There's more to the Absolut Vancouver than a stunt to sell lots of vodka as Christmas presents. Absolut has long been associated with the arts and hosted a competition with a grand prize of $120,000 to find an artist to create a work of art as a gift from Absolut to the city of Vancouver. They used facebook as a platform to engage the creative community in British Columbia and then shortlisted 5 of their favourite artists which the public were invited to vote on. Sadly for Absolut they only got around 30-40 submissions which they put down to the elaborate entry mechanic. Apparently only 16 were worthy of consideration. For more detail have a look at this piece in the Vancouver Sun.

We're looking forward to seeing what response is to this campaign. And when are we going to get a taste of Absolut London?


Vancouver BC real estate agent said...

Absolut Vancouver! The bottle looks great - you know, the words "vodka" and "Vancouver" both start with "V", thus some people might not recognize the logo is Vancouver. But yeah, I would prefer Vancouver to be represented also by a non-alcoholic beverage.



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