Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sputnik Vodka Announces New Flavours Basil, Rose Petal and Horseradish.

Seeking to build on a fan base that reaches from St. Paul's to St. Petersburg, Genuine Russian Sputnik Vodka launches three versatile new flavours to orbit the chic UK drinks scene. True to the brand's pioneering spirit, Sputnik's new offering is vodkas flavoured naturally with Rose Petal, Basil and Horseradish. The new flavours will be available to UK vodka connoisseurs in June.

Sputnik Marketing Director Lenny Musatov wants to teach vodka drinkers in the UK that "there is much more to vodka drinking than simply getting a buzz. Vodka is a huge part of socialisation in Russian culture - think of it as 'tea time' Russki style. Sputnik's Basil, Horseradish and Rose Petal vodkas will complement the sophisticated British palate whilst introducing the richness of Russian traditions to the UK cocktail culture".

The inaugural flavours reinvent old favourites, allowing mixologists' creativity to run wild and encouraging the creation of as-yet unheard of cocktails and a trend towards savoury as well as sweet tipples - think Sputnik Spicy Horseradish Caipi'russkas' and Sputnik Rose Petal-politans. The new Sputnik flavours offer bartenders the option of using these naturally infused, unique blends in their drinks to provide flavours that are difficult to source naturally.

The new drinks will be some serious conversation starters, which is in line with a Russian tradition that disallows drinking in groups of less than three in order to prevent dull conversation. Only 2% of the vodkas sold in the UK are Russian, giving Sputnik the opportunity to responsibility tutor Britons in the Russian Experience of enjoying vodka as a complement to snacks. This concept is commonplace in Russia, as they know that to keep your wits about you while enjoying vodka with friends it is important to pair the drink with food.

All three flavours will be held to the same rigorous standards as Sputnik's original; the new versions of Sputnik will be triple-distilled to create Sputnik's premium signature flavour and truly Russian essence of 'zhivaya voda' (water of life). Using a closely guarded secret vodka recipe that dates to the 1890s, Sputnik is steeped in tradition. Alongside Sputnik's rich heritage is a strong desire to explore and a thirst for innovation illustrated by Sputnik's unique taste that strongly appeals to flavour-forward UK vodka fans.

The new Sputnik website aims to educate consumers about how Sputnik should be consumed to maximise the vodka experience. Similar to the Mexican ritual of salt and lime for tequila, the Russians also have a specific way of drinking their national pride. These rituals guarantee that you maximise the pure vodka taste and experience.

1. Toast
2. Exhale the breath from your lungs
3. Down your chilled vodka in one
4. Grab a slice of rye bread or snack
5. Smell it deeply
6. Then consume it

By following these steps, not only will you be walking in the footsteps of Russian forefathers, but you will also be enjoying the best that vodka has to offer.



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