Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another classic from Slashfood:

"The more crazy stories I hear about the goings-on in Texas, the more I want to go. Apparently a business proprietor in Palo Pinto County has been arrested for selling alcohol without a permit and possessing it with the intent to sell.

Well, what he intended to sell was vodka, each bottled with a 10" rattlesnake. The owner of Bayou Bob's Brazos River Rattlesnake Ranch could face up to a year in jail and $1000 in fines for the 411 bottles that he had on the premises.

The police said that they had received a tip, and that the rattlesnake booze had to be asked for - it wasn't out. They believe the liquor was intended for sale in Asia, where apparently they drink all kinds of alcohol with snakes and lizards in it. This kind of beverage supposedly induces hallucinations.

I have never heard about this kind of thing, except that some tequila's have worms in them. I don't think I'd even try liquor with some kind of reptile or insect in it. What do you think - regular or snake flavored?"

Hopefully not one for the Beam porfolio. Although it does have a stong USP!



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