Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From Slashfood.

"It seems that wine is really in with the 20's crowd and they're a changing force in the market. Starting around 2003 their impact on the industry started to show. The "Millennial Generation" love wine, and what they like isn't all big Cali Cabs or Oaky Chards. For them it's all about fun and offbeat wines like Malbecs from Argentina or a Tempranillo from Spain. And I can relate. These are the wines I love. Sure I'll dive into an Old Vine Zin, or Big Bold Cab, but show me something new, interesting, and different, like a golden and lively Ribolla Gialla , a Sangiovese blend from Maremma, or a dry sparkling wine like Gruet from New Mexico; and I'm all over it.

As one of the early Gen X crowd, sometimes called Gen Jones, I saw the whole change in the wine industry first hand; working in wine shops in the NYC area in my late teens and early 20's. When I started, French wine was it. Old world, elegant and refined, somewhat snooty; and not very accessible. Boring, just like the older Baby Boomers before me who had brought back an interest in wine to the US. These were wines that seemed more for show than enjoyment. (The younger Baby Boomers were more into vodka and illicit substances.) To a few of us young Gen X'ers, German whites, dry or sweet; were daring and fun. Most of the rest had a White Zin as their first wine, sort of a Gateway Wine that led to trying something a bit more serious, but not stuffy. Californian wines started to make a showing, and slowly took over to become the Big Jock on the Block. Later The Aussies stepped up to the plate where they overwhelmed the world with good wine at a low price and in Quantity. The wine industry keeps tabs on these trends and just love where it's heading."

There is a very good article in the LA Times about Young Wine Enthusiasts. Here's the picture:

And here's the article.

If people are keen to become connoisseurs / more knowledgable about wine at a younger age the implication is that the same could apply for cognac, whisky and tequila.


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