Tuesday, January 02, 2007


From Most Contagious 2006:

"We’ve been extremely taken with Diageo’s latest campaign for Cacique rum, developed in conjunction with Senora Rushmore and digital agency Double You, which captured the current resurgence of animated film noir. Cacique’s South American Indian icon (‘Cacique’ meaning ‘tribal chief’ in Spanish), was reinvented as an edgy, nocturnal character leading drinkers into ‘the mystery of the night’. A website urging users to ‘escucha la llamada’ (‘listen to the call’) hosts a gorgeous animated short incorporating black and white imagery, comic book characters, mistaken identity …what more could you ask for? Ladies, put on your spiky stilettos, fellas, slip into those lean pinstripes. The mysterious Indian awaits."

Users are encouraged to give their mobile details to the Red Indian who may call you up with a free trip to Hong Kong.

Visit http://www.escuchalallamada.com/ to take a look.



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