Monday, December 11, 2006

Birthday smackdown

Wedding crashers

It's interesting to read some of the comments for these virals such as:

"Who didn´t see THAT coming? Lame"

"This must be why Google bought YouTube, to run ads!"

"Youtube will go DOWN the tube if this kinda fake home movie keeps showing up."

"noooooooo!!! this was awful now theyv found an even better way to promote beer"


"ffs!! i just watched another one!! birthday smackdown? It was the same thing.. and i still feel for it!??"

"I would really like a sting ray to stab this video in the heart. Say goodbye to You Tube, people. The ad losers got to it."

"I would like a stingray to stab Cubanosandwich in the heart. He probably won't like Borat, either. This video was hilarious!"

"Hysterical video. Loved it! Please put this on TV."

They really generate very polarised reactions. It showcases a range of issues that are associated with advertising using YouTube. If your ads aren't spot on they will either die or be slated. Nail them and you're laughing. Despite some of the negative reactions these videos have had hundreds of thousands of views already.



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