Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hennessy's new Christmas VSOP Fine de Cognac giftpack in the UK looks very stylish. They have collaborated with Central St Martin's Design College to create this much in the same spirit of last year's design by artist, Nadya Bertaux, below.

This design competition was hosted on where you can find this rationale for the design:

"For the holiday season, the artist Nadya Bertaux and Hennessy have joined forces to give the Hennessy Fine de Cognac bottle a completely new gift box. Nadya’s work on the box takes its inspiration from a combination of her own work and the development process of the cognac.

Through her creation Nadya Bertaux evokes the mysterious evaporation of the eaux de vie during the cognac production cycle, which has the poetic name "the angels’ share ". This gift box symbolises this mysterious phenomenon, and the series of strips that she makes allow us a glimpse of the warm, amber colours of the cognac."



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