Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New uber-luxe golden clad decanter from Hennessy is a bit a show stopper.

Here's more information from Atelier 29

"A collector's item indeed! This crafted luminous decanter sheathed in gold by Hennessy would be an exclusive hand-gift for Christmas or New Year Celebration and even perfect Chinese New Year Present for those looking for something different!

An exquisite packaging design by Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani, Paradis Horus is an exceptional cognac developed from a masterly assemblage of hundreds of rare eaux-de-vie, perfectly aged for 25 to 130 years. It is has been described as the fruit of a noble alliance between man, the land and the heavens.

'A divine name for divine perfection. Its name is derived from the mythological god representing the sun. Emerging from the cellar's obscurity, its luminous eaux-de-vie irradiate. They embody the sun's power and warm light, forming a cognac beyond compare.

For this exquisite elixir, Hennessy has chosen the most magnificent cognac decanter ever envisioned. The Italian designer, Ferruccio Laviani, crafted a luminous decanter sheathed in gold to glorify this one-of-a-kind ambrosia. Reminiscent of ancient statues, the Paradis Horus decanter is as singular as the cognac it contains. It commands respect, topped with a majestic oversized cap, plated in 18 carat gold.'"

I'm very partial to mythological references and ancient legends. And a spot of gold bullion never hurt anyone. If anyone feels like sending me a decanter of super-smart cognac, feel free!


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