Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From Wallpaper.

Remy Martin has commissioned Christophe Pillet to create "limited edition accessories [designed to] get cognoscenti everywhere reaching for their new glasses".

"His involvement is the first step in what Louis XIII sees as an ongoing collaboration with 'contemporary creative geniuses', so what better backdrop to the decadenet digestif than chef Mathias Dahlgren's dining room in Stockholm's Grand Hotel? Designed by ahead of the curve interiors expert Ilse Crawford, the Michelin-starred restaurant oozes elegance and modernity in equal measure, and, for Louis XIII, includes pieces from Wallpaper's pick of rising stars - Italian Martino Gamper, who recently reworked furniture originally designed by Gion Ponti, quirky Dutch designers Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk, who both graduated from the star proidcing Eindhoven Design Academy and Brit Franbk Flavell whose wing backed chair won him first prize in a desingn competition hosted by British manufacturer Ercol. Proof if any were needed that our next generation of design genius is as strong as ever"

A little bit of searching uncovered previous work between Christophe Pillet and Remy on Coolhunting.

It's a very natural thing to do and is a brilliant way of building a luxury world. On a more commercial note, it allows Remy to place designer POS in the world's best bars and hotels which is notoriously hard to do. On top of this is generates talkability in the design world and is good PR.

Champagne taste. Champagne money.



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