Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From the Moodie Report:

"The makers of The Famous Grouse have unveiled the first Scotch whisky specially created to be served chilled straight from the freezer. The Snow Grouse will be made exclusively available to international travel retailers for the first six months and distributed through Maxxium Global Travel Retail.

The new addition to The Famous Grouse portfolio is aimed at consumers seeking something new and different.

The Snow Grouse, which carries a recommended duty free retail price of €19.99, represents one of two innovative additions to the range in the past 12 months. The Black Grouse, with its dark, sweet and gently smoky characteristics, was launched in October 2007.

Made from grain spirit and matured in oak casks before being gently chill filtered, the light and vanilla-sweet Snow Grouse whisky has a smooth taste. With a "sweet gloopy mouth-feel, it has a cool taste sensation when served seriously chilled", Maxxium said.

In keeping with The Famous Grouse portfolio, the new whisky is aptly named after another Scottish game bird - the snow grouse or ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus). Living in the highest mountains of the Highlands of Scotland, the snow grouse has been described as “the toughest bird in Britain”. In the summer the snow grouse has a mottled brown plumage, while in winter it takes on an extra layer of white feathers for warmth – becoming completely white – to help it survive in the frozen, snow-covered conditions."

All seems a bit strange to me.


Palin Dromics said...

Not the first... I belive that the first to recommand drincking their scotch frozen were Johnnie Walker...


Browners said...

Interesting stuff. It seems a bit like the way Hennessy made a version of their cognac called Pure White that designed to be drunk cold...

didn't do so well!


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